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Sunday, November 30, 2008

haha. i got no idea of what to blog on this time.

right now, im using my Pak Long's laptop.. my cuzzin Yani is eating Koew Teow Tom Yam... i can smell the aroma. haha..

im having a sleepover here..it has been 2 nights.. mysterious nights. huhu.

i got to bake chocolate chiffon cake, pandan also. my atok comes here every evening.. he told me how my bro's doing.. fyi, my lil bro is having his sleepover at my atok's for more than a week! there r udin, ikmal, sofwan, damia, diana n dina with iman; not to forget, at my atok's, currently.

my, its true what pak cik said.. "kalo atok bukak nurseri cuti2 ni, kaye gak."


about those "mysterious nights"... i slept at 12.30, got up at 2 am. tried to sleep, but just couldn't until an hour after that... however, i got up at 4 am... thought, this might be the right time to, u know, erm , u know lah what i mean. since i was in my maklong's house, i dont have the guts to perform u-know-what ... what a waste.

tried to sleep again, n i had a dream... where i was going somewhere, in a rush.. and i got lots of calls.... when i was about to answer the call, shivering, i heard someone said.

"aja, dah pukul 6. aja semayang, pastu satgi kalau aja nk tidoq, tidoq balik pon xpa. tutup lampu, tidoq..bangun semayang, satgi tidoq."

hehehehe. fyi, my alarm signal n ringtone are the same - Den O theme song, .... the calls i got were the alarms i set earlier. hahaha..

the second night, the wake-n-sleep-back thingie happened again. slept at 130, my, my cuzzin is a talking machine... haha. but it's cool though, got to know her life better.. i woke up at 2.30, 4.30, n 6.15..... y hah? maybe it's nothing.

but my maklong said she heard my phone rang at 3 and 4... she thought i set the alarm 4 tahajud, but i didnt... look at the call history.. nobody called me at that time.............. maybe that's the thing that woke me up...

just then, maybe its nothing.

just maybe.

n oh, have a great aidil adha.. :)

enpon murah je.. hueh2. how i wish that diary would b blue in colour. ahaha


it happened again for the third time... huhu


Thursday, November 27, 2008

it's my third post about one LOOONNNGGG LOOOONNNGGG day!

aliaa went to my house, waited for her parents. since we arrived minutes after the azan, we prayed first. right after that, aliaa's mum called, telling she's in front of the house.

so, waved gudbye n went back to my room... about to go asleep when my mum said,

"mak nk pgi Cucina jap.."
"wat pe?"
"drang nk tunjuk computerized kitchen cabinet."
"oh, nk ikut!"
"xyah. pakai baju ni je."

ahaha. n yeah, i wore the same tshirt, same jeans that night. only, since the white tudung wasnt mine, i took my black tudung. o yeah, allBlack. hueh2.

so, we went to Cucina. i didnt go there to look at the kitchen cabinet plan; i know my dad is bringing us somewhere else, though. kakakaka.

we went a few doors ahead, the *DOTDOTDOT* (i don't remember names very well. haha) lighting centre.. LOTS OF LIGHTS.... real nice, n the price also, not to forget. hahaha... note the sarcasm, people.

picked some for the dining room, the living room, n for my room as well..

then, my bro said he wanted to have Domino's Pizza....n i was like, PIZZA LAGI? rase cam br je masuk pizza mse brunch td.. huhu..

but b4 that, smayang kat this one masjid, have i told u im not good in remembering names? hahaha..then, off we go to....nope, not Domino's.. my dad nk bawak gi AEON City...

AH! FINALLYYYY! hahahahah.. i know, i knowww... jakun giler. no, really, i really wanted to go there, but sll ramai giler org, xde parking. AEON bukit tinggi's big, but here, it's GIGANTIIIC. huhu. xlarat jalan. lol.

n my bro's tgh merajuk xdpt gi Domino's... huhuhu.. i was hoping for rice, though. hahaha...melayu wey, melayu..

then, parked the car n got inside, REALLY HUGE, n spacious... told my dad... "ari tu abah kate nk bli new camera?" ntah da bpe byk picture-taking-machines ad kat umah. ahha. well, my dad did step into the shop... bought panasonic camcoder...
my mum ckp.. "result pon x kuar lagi.."....hah!! she's freaking me out!!!! making me felt I MUST GET 9A's for my dad already bought this. huhu

n my dad said to my lil bro,
"rugi abah xpgi domino tadi..xyah beli camera." n i was like... "what???" hahah.

pastuh jalan2 n saw this one sneakers, n the design was wow-ing, n i looked closer.
what a price. canceled. haha. but found another similar one, with much lower, no, much much much lower price. haha. bought it, a grey-white sneaker with sky blue stripes...n some black. hehehe

then, my bro with his longed face, jalan cepat2... between kenny roger's n pizza hut. PIZZA HUT? BARU JE PAGI TAADIII.. huhu.. tp, terpaksa beralah kan..

n my mum, got some interior designs ideas from the restaurant.. fantastic! haha.

then we got home.....NOT YET!
my dad bawak pgi TESCO lak... n i was, "okk...." ... went there n search for a white tudung... didnt find one, just bought a blue-black jubah, a white trousers n a half-body spandex.. heh.

my bros bought the ben10 watches, my mum did take a look at an english outlet, very, english.. u know, creamy white, pink roses, croissants, n such.....


so, nk citer ape lak...
oh, did u know, that croissant is believed to be created for celebrating the defeat of Muslim invation..that's y it's in crescent shape, the symbol of islam... well, hope that's only a modern myth.....

n i ordered a novel n a diary from PTS website via maybank..

aliaa ajak tgk twilight, btw. i didnt really attracted of watching it, but hey, try la nnt. haha...

...erm...ape lagi ekk??
oh yeah, pasal SAHABAT, havent got the mood to continue yet.

oh, btw, CLAP FOR URSELF for being able to read my long posts...yeay u! haha.

till then, salam! :)

Jika Aku Jatuh Hati...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

amin, ya rabbal 'alamin...
ya Allah...syahdu btol doa ni...
erm, nnt ana sambung pasal JOURNEY ana lepas jamuan kelas, n pasal sahabat..

p/s: better bukak link video ni kat utube, cuz blog ana da ad lagu.... kang xdgr plak.

after the Jamuan

Monday, November 24, 2008

right after the jamuan, the girls went straight to the 4th floor, kalo xsilap.
cg mus tempah tiket wayang.... originally RM10... tp cikgu mus ckp

depa ni budak2 sekola. nk enjoy abes peksa. kurang sket boleh kot noh.

haha. n kurang la jgak, RM1. :D

so, mase tuh kol 12.30 camtuh. n we have like 1 1/2 - 2 hours b4 the movie started. oh, we picked madagascar:escape2africa... cian bila nk tgk selamat pagi cinta. haha.the other girls yg da tgk, drang tgk citer Quarantine, n ad yg tgk James Bond. kan? while the boys, gi main kat arcade.
ntah la.

hafi ajak tman gi toilet. so, teman ar. then kuar2 nmpk pjan razeif. dia nk bayar hutang. haahhaha...pastuh shukeri pon bayar. then zul afiq tanya hutang die baper. hahaha. bile btau, die ckp next year ar bayar. skati korang ar.

so, ktorang ronda2 kuar masuk kedai, me, bila, aliaa, hafi, n adilah zaidi..
aliaa gi tgk "sinma"..u know. that PINKY one..

n dia ajak sekali...so i walked..tapi... ergh. kakiku xmampu melangkah. terlalu pink. hahaha...
saw fea n serap... drang jalan 2 org, tapi fea kat blakang, serap kat depan sket. sengih2. ahhahaha. die sengih cuz i sengih-ed at them. hahah. ye ar, da ar pakai baju same kaler... bila yg juga, a pink-lover; not, approached fea. drang sembang jap. hafi, adilah n i masuk parkson. jalan2. bila g tengok baju, ktorang tgk toys. haha. forgot the fact aliaa's still searching for bracelets. haha. so, call aliaa n btau dia ktorang da masuk parkson. japgi ana pgi kat dia.

dia jalan cam org patah kaki. kasut lekang. haha. adilah,

adilah: aku ada bawak gam! nak?
aliaa: nak3. tq!

so, aliaa masuk lam fitting room. ktorang ikut. haha. dia masuk sbb nk btolkan tudung; sambil berdiri atas kasut yg disapu gam tuh.. serkup da ke belakang, mmg annoying. btw, da la ktorang masuk fitting room utk kids section nye apparel. ahha..

then, bila ckp nk g toilet. hafi teman. then, ktorang tunggu kat luar. then hafi call, ckp dia nk jln tros carik surau.
so, ktorang janji jmpe kat pizza hut. hafi mesej ckp da jmpe surau, jalan tros...
jmpe la drang kat surau.

abes mayang tuh, nmpk someone cam kenal.
tp just kelibat je la. pastuh nk amik kasut, ad bawah this one guy.. sll ana tunggu org tu blah dlu, tp kali ni, lagi 5 minit nk masuk panggung, so, ckp ar nk amik kasut. mse nga pakai tu, drang ckp..

tadi nmpk firdaus kasman.

oh, so btolla die. haha.

so, ktorang jalan masuk panggung. silap tempat. i saw the row number, tp asal drang masuk row lain??

pastuh tgk2 tempat x cukup. n i was like, ha silap la nih. haha.

aliaa, bila n hafi da duduk da..men duduk je. pastuh ana, zati, adilah, najihah pon gerak ar duduk, cukup tempat..seblah ade lagi 3. since it was very dark, i mesej-ed them. "meh sini. korang silap tempat."

then tgk ar citer madagascar.
lots of butts.haha. no, really.
alex's butt,marty's butt, gloria's butt, melman's butt.. hahah.
guess now i know what "it" means in "i like to move it move it"..muahahah.
but it was funny n enjoyable. we had our laughs la.

pastuh kuar panggung... aliaa bought a bracelet with "ALIAA" written on it. RM13.

I LIKE THIS PIC. u see, that red guy over there is lonely when there's a lot of people besides him. hahaha.. :D

so, texted my mum n tunggu kat luar...
then balik umah. :D


Jamuan Kelas 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I know im late.

let's start from a chronology.

2 weeks after PMR
Ktorang wat jualan2... mcm sandwiches, cakes, etc .. tujuan dia, to get enough money to go to Pulau Jerejak without having to pay a single cent.. alhamdulillah, bjaye dpt +- RM300-RM400. however, the resort manager didnt seem to like us going there. *!@#$%^&*..*astarghfirullah* .. asal call je dia gi breakfast, asal call je dia gi coffee break, asal makan je dia gi lunch.. AAAAARRRGH. then, bila da dapat, xde tmpt kosong lak..xde pakej lak. xde asrama lak....sabo je la..

so, ktorang tuka, just buat kat mana2 pantai kat penang nih, ana bg cadangan, buat BBQ, then balik. cadangnye buat dinner, tp formal sgt ar, no fun. haha. then, dinner BBQ it is. haha.
da dpt spot da, kat batu feringghi...

last week of school
bila tringat yg drang g lawatan kelab BI. buat kat taman rimba, teluk bahang. ive never been there. tgk peta.. GILE NYE HUJUNG PENANG. haha.tp x kisahlah. asalkan best. katanya kene hiking dlu b4 sampai waterfall utk picnic. n ive no problem at all, AS LONG AS X KENA TUCK IN SHIRTS. hahaha.. no, really. so, bila pon buatla kertas kerja.......pastuh, hari last skool, ana n hafi naik pejabat, nk bagi kertas kerja tuh.
sampai2 kena bebel...nape x bagi awal lah. xsempatlah. xmintak kebenaran pengetua lah. ape lah tu la ni la. tension gak akhirnya. kak mariza bagi borang, suh isi lain. we looked at each other, thinking of HOW to tell bila.. hehe. bila da btau, bila geram, xmo ckp pe. then, i said to them to just have a simple gathering...xpayah pakai bas..

1st week b4 the jamuan
buat polls, nk buat kat summit o kat mengkuang dam. dine in o picnic-like. mostly nk picnic. so, prepare la macam2...kumpul2 no fon nk btau. n pk kan aktiviti pe nk buat. it was a busy week.

2nd week b4 the jamuan
shocking news! picnic x jadi. hahaha. so, nk x nk, kna la wat kat sunway carnival. hey, i am not gonna keep their money sampai mati. org nk abeskan duit nih. ada dlm rm700.

weird, indeed. org sll malam2 ni la kelam kabut nk wat confirmation. tapi alih2 malam b4 jamuan tu senyap sunyi je. hahaa.

i slept at 3, mesej ngan liana. die pon lom tido lagi. so, the next morning, ttido after subuh, astaghfirullah.. hek2. n Aliaa da janji nk datang kol 8, with g-ah. hehehehe. n i kept them waiting outside for like, 15-20 minutes. hahaha. afwan jiddan, ya ukhtani. xbmaksud pon. keh3.
g ah was wearing baju kurung. aliaa tshirt. pinjam Aliaa's white tudung .. since i dont have tudung putih yang labuh EXCEPT for tudung sekola. ahahhaah. i wore black jeans with black+blue tshirt. xkn nk pakai tudung hitam gak..kang nmpk gigi je. huah2.
xdelah, sje nk tuka taste, mmg sll pon ana pakai allBlack.

aliaa n g-ah, waiting for my dad.

then, i know, my dad, kna btau setengah jam lagi awal...hhahaha. tp, g btau kol 9. pastuh kol 9 abah cakap, abah nk gi pasar dlu...waaaaaaaaaaa.....abes laaa.. hahah. then, kol 9.40.
i got a call.

"weyh ampa kat na ni? kami da sampai sini lama dah...janji kol 9.30 pa ni...."

that was from cejat, serap n the gang. hahahahha. sorry weyh. bila yg janji 930, ana ckp 10. hahaha.

so, free je pagi tu kena sound. hueh3.

then, sampai2 sana.. call drang, btau da sampai. pastuh drang suh tgk straight. oh, nmpk da kelibat. pastuh drang suh tgk bwh, dak2 pompuan da sampai..
hehehe. the party can't get started without me! jap2, bkn im the one yg akn steal the limelight, im the bendahari, duit ad kat ana.ahahaha.

so, ktorang turun, tempah meja, n ronda2 sambil tunggu the rest.

some of the girls yg sampai awal.

b4 that, masuk kedai adiah, beli adiah 4 cg mus. nmpk pjan n syahid tgh bayar... syahid's present is sooooooooooo cute! hahaha. dpt kat dye, kalo x silap..

so, since i left the draft dlm keter, x ingat nk beli ape. cikgu mus order. guess what, MY budget is RM410. cikgu order, RM284... huah2.
we had our laughs, even though 11 org x datang.
how i really wish dpt gather ramai2, bkn dr kelas 3af pon xpe lah, asalkan ramai n meriah.
mcm, dpt tgk la suap menyuap berlaku, prasan berprasan. hahaha. najla n tim dgr slumber lawaknye. g-ah diam je. hik3. n of cos, ana smpt igtkan.."duit kelas, duit kelas..." hahaha.
paksa bila makan jgak, albeit the fact she's full. haha.

hah, serap, ENVY ME! fea hugged me. lol. jk3.
bila n aliaa
syihan n cg mus
the girls
the boys; pjan razeif dtg lepas sumer da abes makan

gmba2 len korang tgk ar kat frenste.

so, lepas abes tu, cikgu tempahkan tiket wayang utk ktorang.
thanks, cikgu.
hafi, first time tgk wayang. dia cakap, "mak hafi kata, baca tasbih, istighfar byk2 b4 masuk dalam tuh".. hey, its not funny. its true.well, n we did it.

ok2. ap yg ktorang buat lepas jamuan tuh syaza buh dlm post lain. da panjang da nih. ahha
alhamdulillah, the jamuan is over. BUT. I STILL HAVE LIKE, RM500....aaaaaaaaa.mls tol nk bahagi2 duit. nk kne gak najla, 4 appointing me as bendahari. :D

p/s: thanks to those yg datang..... sorry xde aktiviti yg bleh memeriahkan majlis nih. ye ar, kat tempat org. xfree. huhu
p/s/s:thanks to those yg tolong sebar2kan n contact our classmates yg xdpt dihubungi, bout this jamuan. especially liana n syahir.n to faris yang bg ideas on how to cut cost n such.thanks a lot.
p/s/s: thanks to cikgu mus
p/s/s/s:thanks to pizza hut sunway carnival.
hahahaha. mcm dpt emmy awards lak. ngahah. :P

MJ converted to Islam??

Saturday, November 22, 2008

dengar2 macam tu lah, bintang superstar, Michael Jackson masuk islam n now he is Mikaeel.
kalo btol, Alhamdulillah, moga2 dia kekal dgn agama yg benar ini.
g pon, abg dia pon da terlebih dlu convert to islam kan? :)

Report: Michael Jackson converts to Islam

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 21 (UPI) -- Pop star Michael Jackson has converted to Islam at a ceremony in Los Angeles attended by Yousef Islam, the singer formerly known as Cat Stevens, sources say.

Jackson, whose once-amazing career has been eclipsed in recent years by reports of bizarre behavior, as well as legal and financial troubles, is said to have changed his name to Mikaeel and taken the shahada -- or made a declaration of belief -- as part of his conversion to Islam, Al-Arabiya said Friday.

The religious ceremony reportedly took place at the Hollywood Hills home of Toto keyboardist Steve Porcaro, who composed music for Jackson's iconic "Thriller" album.

Jackson's lawyer said the singer has agreed to testify in person next week at a $7 million breach-of-contract lawsuit brought against him in London's High Court by the king of Bahrain's son, Sheik Abdulla bin Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa.

The sheikh is suing Jackson for allegedly backing out of a business venture that was to produce an album, including songs the royal wrote for and planned to record with Jackson, as well as an autobiography and a stage play.

However, Jackson contends he never signed an official agreement and insists the payments he received from the sheik were "gifts," claiming the royal's case is based on "mistake, misrepresentation and undue influence."


Friday, November 21, 2008

ana nk bwk antum antunna mengembara jap..

ingat lagi x.
ms kat tadika dlu.
perkataan ni slalu muncul.
"xmo kawan la!"
hehe. kadang tu sbb bnda remeh je.
xmo kawan, xmo kawan..
mmg x bertegur la lps tu
tp sekejap je,
esok, xpon x smpi 15 minit,
"nk share bekal x?"

mse tuh main kat playground seblah tadika..
gurau2 kat buai (hehe. ni mse kat bukit mulia)
igt x buai ketapi yang besar tuh? heh2. sll jadik port simpan anak ayam yg ditangkap musang.

then, skola rendah.
ms tuh, sme budak hingusan lagik.
tp skang, subhanallah, cantik2 hensem2 sme..

ms sekola rendah dlu, kdg ad yg dibuli.
tp tup2 thn dm tahun jadik best fren lak.

kita diperkenalkan dengan istilah kawan masa kiddy-schooling year.
tapi, istilah UJIAN datang sekali ngan SAHABAT ms sekola menengah.
xdpt nk dinafikan, setengah org mengaku da bertemu insan bergelar sahabat masa sekola rendah
ye lah, ms tuh, kita kurang lebih 6 tahun sentiasa bersama.
jah 1, sampai jah 6. (ana xberpeluang 3 thn di KL, 3 thn di Penang)

tapi bila masing2 dpt result, dapat skool asrama... da brubah haluan.
yang masih setia satu skul sekola menengah, first year tu mmg kamcheng ar..

tapi tu ah, mcm yg ana ckp tadi, istilah UJIAN dtg sekali dengan istilah SAHABAT.
time ni lah persahabatan diuji.. mungkin cemburu, mungkin makan hati n sebagainya.

erk. nanti la sambong. ahahha. ad keje. bb!! salam.


Dilarang Membaca Artikel Ini

Dilarang membaca artikel ini!!Mengapa anda membacanya??Ini merupakan ayat ketiga anda JANGAN membacanya!!Anda tidak akan mendapat apa-apa faedah jika anda membacanya..Sila berhenti daripada membacanya..BERHENTI!!
Oh,,anda lagi??Mengapa mesti membacanya??PERHATIAN,,SILA BERHENTI DARIPADA MEMBACA!!Anda semua adalah pelajar,,pelawat,,walau siapa pun anda,,bolehkah anda patuhi arahan uang terlalu mudah ini??DILARANG MEMBACA!!
Apakah yang akan terjadi kepada diri anda??Setelah bertahun-tahun tetapi tidak dapat mengawal disiplin diri anda untuk mematuhi arahan ini..Perasaan ingin tahu??Itulah yang menguasai diri anda sekarang!!Tetapi saya telah memberitahu anda,,sia-sia sahaja jika anda meneruskan pembacaan....Aaarghh!!...Masihkah anda lagi yang membaca artikel ini??Lebih baik saya memberitahu anda perkara sebenar..Tetapi,,sebelum itu,,biarlah saya memberitahu anda buat sekelian kalinya,,..."BeRHentiLaH daRiPaDa MemBaca aRtiKeL ini!!BerHentiLah daRiPaDa memBaca aRtikeL ini!!BerHentiLaH DaRiPaDa memBaca aRtiKeL ini!!"
Sekarang tibalah masanya untuk saya memberitahu anda,,perara sebenarnya ialah anda kehilangan sesuatu yang berharga dengan membaca artikel ini!!Anda masih tidak percaya??Anda membuang masa anda yang berharga itu!!Percayalah sekarang!!Satu penipuan??Marah??Menyesal??Sakit Hati??Hey,,itulah salah anda!!saya telah memberi amran,,DILARANG MEMBACA ARTIKEL INI!!
Tetapi,,anda masih meneruskan pembacaan anda..Ketahuilah anda salah seorang daripada penyibuk,,tidak berdisiplin dan tidak jujur pada diri sendiri!!Jika anda menghabiskan pembacaan anda,,ini bermakna anda telah gagal dalam ujian "mengenal diri sendiri"..hahahahahaha.. =p

heh. fashion sketch?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

i was bored. waiting for my dad n my bro to go to toyRus.
no, im not going there for toys, im going there to do a survey ..
might as well ask the Pza manager whether we can play some games during our class party there. huhu

oh, i drew two "mannequins" with clothes; ofcoz.

here's one. the other one, im just M to scan.

i did label... but, designer's copyright. haha...
i edited the level and contrast in photoshop, the texture became very rough
n im not in the mood to colour it..

just wanna share some thought. haha. iknow .. not much fashion sense in me.
it's nothing new, just a mix of everything..
oh, the tudung, i mean, tudungS.. first layer(the black one) is tied macam biasa, better use bidang 30 as it will be inside....
the outer layer, could be a selendang or another tudung bidang 60...

the jacket could possibly b leather, or denim. straight cut skirt can b replace with a jeans, or denim trousers though, i know there are girls who just dont wear skirts. im one of them. haha.
u might as well have some hippy bangs&blings around the skirt.

till then, bb.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

after all the plans, n hopes...
the night i thought everything would b settled...
the night i thought i can finally relax...

didnt turn out quite well.

when i was about to go offline after sending the draft of our class picnic to some of the class members.... aliaa brought me news...

charger. ekceli nabilah serba salah nk gtaw awk ni. n kte nk gtaw ni awk jgn marah tau?
ermm... cmne nk ckp ek............ if truskan nk buat kat mengkuang dam, 11 girls back out.

n i was like..terkedu. nape x btau je terus terang.
nape mesti pas pas kat org.
omg. unbelievable.

fine! korang nk buat kat sunway carnival..
i hand this over to others to handle....

jap2.. bukan emo.

tkt x dpt gi...


my famili nk balik melaka, n
my dad's going to korea, so mcm, tkt btindih kan...
so, duit tu syaza bg je la kat org len.
korang handle lek lok tau! amik gamba byk2!:D

hmm. x pnat ke?

erm. nk citer sket la ari nih. hek2.

korang tau x BOLA? as in, BALL in english, BOLA in spanish, KURAT in Arabic, and such.

[errgh. this keyboard is killing me.]

pnah x korang rasa korang ni bola? or ad sape2 yg dekat ngan korang korang tgk die cam bola?

ehehe. xpaham?

xpenat ke tgk bola tuh kena tendang ke sana ke mari. ms bes main tu mmg bes la tgk bola tu pon hepi, tapi bila da penat, da boring, tinggal je bola tu.
kadang kesian gak tgk bola tuh.. die nk sgt main lagi ngan pemain bola tu. walopon mmg sedia maklum pemain tu kalo men, die men kejap je. then tinggal. then main. then tinggal.

bola tu rs diri dia macam x guna kalo xde org nak main ngan die. die sentiasa nk main ngan pemain tu. nk rasa diri dia ada kegunaan.

tolong r..penat tau x. ktorang yg tgk pon penat, ni kan plak org yg jadi bola tu.
cuba ar, stay at one place. da la asyik kn main je ngan pemain tu ...bila da ditendang, disepak ke sana ke mari, x ke kotor dengan sgala lumpur tanah pe sumertu.

cuba ar stay put even for a while. bila hujan turun, insya-Allah bola tu bersih elok. then bila really responsible person nmpk bola tuh, yg senyap kat tengah2 padang, if God wills, die akn amik, n jaga bola tu. simpan in a place where die je ad kunci tu. dia je yg berhak ke atas bola tuh. n bola tu skang ad org yg akn main, as well as guard die...dr kn mainngan smbrgn pemain.

x ke si bola tu now rs more appreciated?

tau korang xphm.
xpe la ek. sj nk luah.
gram tol tgk bola tu.
bkn nk kt, tp kita orang perempuan.
perempuan islam yg bermaruah.
orang x boleh senang2 nk tindas kita.

xphm gak?lntk korang ar.
that's a wrap. :D

More n more bout our class party!

Monday, November 17, 2008

OK! BIG NEWS! haha.
not that big, though.

ok2, erm... yesterday, i mailed Pizza Hut customer service ... inquired some Qs bout their outdoor catering service. since it was an indirect consulting, ive to wait. n wait. n wait. till they reply.

so, i called Aliaa. asked her whether she had called the Sunway Carnival Mall Pizza o not. n she said yes. so here it goes.

Aliaa: Ya, i've called them but she said, that woman, she said party packages are only available in BM...summit la kot kan. so, camne??

Me: Erm. Ya2.. i know. da tgk da site die... ad kat BM je. besides, Sunway pnye pizza hut cam "kecik" arr.. ramai org.. n mak kte cakap cam mahal je...

Aliaa: So, what are we going to do now?

Me: Kte ad idea... n i've told bila bout this...cumeee..

Aliaa: ?

Me: hehe.. awk, tau x kat mana dekat2 sini ada parks or gardens cam kat bawah KLCC?

Aliaa: [GELAAAKK] i know we have birdparks. hahahaha. erm, ade ke?? cam xde je...

Me: ermm. tu ar. bila ckp die pnah pgi, just x ingat. kte nk bg our class picnic yg x jadi tu jadi jgakk.. so, nk wat picnic-like class party la. kta duk kat park tu, then buat aktiviti2 cam musical chair ke....carik gula2 lam tepong ke... ap ke... baru gempak kan..

Aliaa: NICEEE!! But the big Q here, WHEERREE?

Me: Tataaauu.. da la kta 2-2 org budak KL pindah Penang. mn nk tau sangat. huhuh.

Aliaa: I'll ask my mum n nnt kte call awk balik, ek?

Me: OK.

ok, then i also asked my mum n she said
Mengkuang Dam?

yaaaa!!! Mengkuang Dam. so, i called aliaa n she said

Mmg like mother like mother laaa.. mak kte pon ckp mengkuang dam. huhu. so, we can have party package n take away to mengkuang dam since dekat je dgn summit, kan? nice2..

ok, then we started bahagi2 names of dak pompuan to tell bout our plan. n asked cejat n serap to tell the boys.

so i told them..
OK, guys. boards da putuskan, nk mkn kat pizza hut je. However, ada 2 pilihan. korang nk dine in kat summit or wat picnic kat mengkuang dam?? kalo korang nk dine in, btau cepat, nk reserve. kalo kat dam, kita leh wat some actvties..

n, girls, mostly nk dine in cuz risaukan keselamatan la ape la.. guys plak, smer yg ditanya, nk mengkuang dam..

n last night, was a very busy night... my message counter stated i've sent 808 messages ... for this 3-4 days only! huhu..

got online n saw Pjan Razak was on9 too. so i asked him n he said that dining in maybe sesak... dam ok gak.. die ikut je.

then, i checked the namelist. 8 nk pgi Dam, 6 people nk gi Summit.

i really wanted to have a class picnic tp nnt kne ikut majoriti la, ramai g x tanya! huhu... n cejat said

aku jamin dak laki yg len pon nk p dam.

huhu.. arap2 la.

then, syaza called some of the girls. n told them bout our plans... drang igt actvt kat situ cam panjat bukit ke pe.. NO! just cam sukaneka budak2. hik2..tiup blon sampai pecah... mcm2 tu la..
n derang tuka fikiran!! so now... ramai bpihak kat PICNICKING. hik2. gpon, kalo dine in, terhad 2 jam je leh ad dlm tuh.... huhuh..

ya allah, permudahkanlah urusan kami ini. Sesungguhnya tiada yang mudah tanpa izinmu, dan yang mudah juga boleh jadi susah tanpa redha-Mu ya allah.

till then, bb! wallahua'lam.
p/s: pizza customer service replied. how frustrating, i was hoping that they will answer my Qs. but then, "dear Ms Nur, you can directly consult Mr Lai for your arrangement."


Sunday, November 16, 2008

my cuzzin Udin got 5a's 4 his UPSR, alhamdulillah. n so does Anis' sister..

n now people are asking me..

aja camne? sure 9a's punya la..
bila kuar result?
abang-abang 2-2 9a. xkan xleh kot.

hell yeah im freaking scared! huhu
well, let's wipe those things aside first.

about my class party.
since we've been selling cakes, snacks, sandwiches... played movies and such. we've managed to get like rm300 ... quite frustrating, but alhamdulillah, with this rm300, we MAY manage to have an extravaganza class party, insya-allah.

my classmates wont hafta pay even a single cent as long as they've paid the monthly fees.

thought of having a brunch at kenny roger's...but then again, that might cause a hole in my pocket. huhuhu... looked up for the chicken rice shop. then i thought it is not such a good idea as i dont see how eating there will strengthen our ties and of course, we'll have plenty of money left.
then, aliaa n bila said

pza ok kot...

and i was like,
ada yg x lalu makan pza x? kot2lah lidah melayu xmampu menerima italian.. haha.

and they were like,

alaaahh.. makan je la pe yg ad...

so, pizza hut it is. they will b served in pans, so kena bahagi2 those slices... that may, somewhat somehow, show some friendship. muahaha. n i saw that "after exam celebration" package. still, we'll have some more to spend.

asked them,

nk prabih tros ke duit 4 jamuan? o u guys ada cadangan lain??

then cejat said
prabih ja. buat xtravaganza nya jamuan

allright then. we'll see.
erm. tu je kot.


Saturday, November 15, 2008


Ya! real tired!
last day of school...
got jamuan n pnyampaian hadiah.

n also, my friends and i were handling this class picnic of ours...
and our kertas kerja got rejected! uurrgh.
hafta cancel the very last minute!
gram tol!!

tapi ape bleh buat, kita hanya merancang..Allah yg tentukan.

So, we sat down, frustratedly, and tried to be as cool as possible.
even ad yg ckp..

jom buat lawatan haram la!! kita p ja...xyah kisah pasal jabatan..
then i said to Fea,

if, our class picnic xjadi, ermm.. kita just kumpul2 at a place then makan2 n such.. datang sendiri-sendiri whatsoever. xpayah pakai surat2 sumer nih... agreed?
most of them agreed. nabilah, however. said..

let's try one more time. kalo jadi, kita teruskan. kalo x dpt nk diselamatkan, kita ikut plan charger.
ok! n i went home just like that, i was in a hurry, x smpt nk salam peluk cium sumer tu lah. haha.

then, got home. cejat asked bout the lawatan. i told him bout how kak mariza berleter bout this and that.. and bout the plan going makan2 at any food outlets.
and he said he would b fine. asyraf too. n hafi. n izzati syazana. n nabilah...but then again, she said she forgot that she might hafta send off her granprnts at the airport on monday.
hmmm. n poor hasrul and huda. they might not be able to join too. hasrul's living in Parit Buntar. aiyoo. perak maa.how i wish everyone would b by the time the jamuan started. meon, our CM suggested weekends instead of Monday. well, let's just hope the latter teachers would b free on weekends.. they will b on leave on monday...that's y we're doing it on that day

then tomorrow, hafi, aliaa, bila n i, insya-allah we'll do a survey on where to eat, cost n such at Sunway carnival.

harap xde aral melintang.


know what? we've booked the bus. now we've to find the way to cancel our booking... i mean, who would ever wanna go to school on holidays? hahaha.
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