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Saturday, October 31, 2009

ramai btol escape utk this coming exam. tp nnt kne jawab gak.

oh, n the picture above, taken from my brother, Syahiran's blog. *click*
view more pictures kat blog dia..

i have always wanted to do such things. tp i know, once i lay my HAND and my HEART on something, i will get addicted. T-T

anyway, the house he SIMulated, i wish i had that spacious of a room.. ahha. but yeah, i'm amazed with the interior design, which is almost 80% similiar.. huhuhu.

today's Usrah, i love Salamun Saaaalaaam...*check kat utube*

n what else? oh yeah, i drew a comic yesterday. asalnya, for personal collection...but dgn pndpt kwn, hanta je as karya 4 majalah skola. bsides, tce jamie DEMANDS me to send an english entry, komik pon jaaaadi la. :D:D

then then.
cuti da dekat!
i have to fulfill my mission statements.
i havent touch anything on "mission statements"
yup. i decided to make it completely private and confidential, viewable only by me, and i shall be the only one can get my eyes on them.

being a girl with no ambition at the age of 16 leads me to starting a new view. it's not that i don't have ANY ambitions, i have too many, in fact. T-T

i love doing a lot of things. Sometimes i think of taking Culinary, but Graphic Design sounds ok too. n i write too. not many people know, but i don't really, like, let others read what i write. i write poems, songs, stories, name it, both Malay n BI. m not ready yet for Arabic. xD! BM n BI da blaja bertahun2 pon tonggang langgaanng ni kan plak BA yg msih di tahap ---!! mungkin theory boleh skor, but when it comes to practical, huhuhu. tp insyaAllah, sikit2 boleh la kan! :)
n then, i love love love drawing. n i love photography too. arrgh!

ustazah salwa ckp,
"bg yg masih kabur dgn cita2 anda, istikhorah la pada ALLAH. yakinlah dgn apa yg Dia tentukan nnt..."

eh. da melalut kot? hmm.

insya Allaah.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

a song i found, xsengaja.
love the lyrics.

Insya Allah-Maher Zain

Everytime you feel like you cannot go on
You feel so lost
That your so alone
All you is see is night
And darkness all around
You feel so helpless
You can`t see which way to go
Don`t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side

Insya Allah3x
Insya Allah you`ll find your way

Everytime you can make one more mistake
You feel you can`t repent
And that its way too late
Your`re so confused,wrong decisions you have made
Haunt your mind and your heart is full of shame

Don`t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side
Insya Allah3x
Insya Allah you`ll find your way
Insya Allah3x
Insya Allah you`ll find your way

Turn to Allah
He`s never far away
Put your trust in Him
Raise your hands and pray
OOO Ya Allah
Guide my steps don`t let me go astray
You`re the only one that showed me the way,
Showed me the way 2x
Insya Allah3x
Insya Allah we`ll find the way

bad memories?


do u know how it feels like when people tell you how you were like years ago, and there are some that you don't even remember you did those things??!!

i can't describe how it feels like..

Sure, time flies and people change; n if the girl they described was really me, YA ALLAH. TEROKNYA PERANGAAAII..

so, i wanna apologise to whoever, those who may had gotten hurt because of me, ana asiifah jiddan! mintak maaf sangat2! i didn't know i was that annoying. ntah2, i still am, right now!!? ngaku cepat! berterus terang! criticism is crucial for self-improvement!! :D

ya Allah... i tried to recall my HAMPAGAS demeanours back then, but i can't remember much... a bunch of people say i don't change much while another bunch said the opposite...

nak muhasabah diri jap......maluuunyeee pikir perangai zaman dahulu kala!! ahhahaa

baddd.. baaaad memories!! it's bad for me, the memory creator and even worse, for those, who had the memories carved on their mind!

malu malu maaalluu.. HAHAHHA

i can't face the world. i can't.

p/s: one thing for sure, some people just don't get my jokes. they'll go like, "belagaknye budak ni..."... i was always being sarcastic, even dr kecik lagi! btol kan kan kan. hahah. so, since we cannot tell what people are thinking when they talk to us, syaza, YOU SHALL KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. don't "brag" sesuka hati. "brag" only amongst those who know you well, not simply acquaintances! pengalaman mngajar kita !!
so, lps ni xleh "brag" dlm blog la?? cuz those reading bukan sume knal ana!!

sometimes, when i "brag" mse kat skola, some people gave me that *roll-eyes* faces, n i had to like, "main2 jela..." n they were like, "ehh..xpa2. *gelak gelak xikhlas*"..

oh n dgr kata, next year, SUME BUDAK FORM3, FORM5 KNE DUK ASRAMA!!! haaaaaaaa? rumah kent*t pon dengar, nk kne dok gak ke????? *mind my language...org Melaka mmg kasarr..* hahaha

till then.

i'm a Malaysian, not a SUDANiiii. :D

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I just read News Strait Times, yg edition ktorang g bengkel tu kan.

N this was how my name turned out.



.ya Allah. Susah sgt ke “SURAINI” to be spelled? Hahaha.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Org ckp ana xpnah marah.
mm. ye lah sgt.
Org ckp ana ni cool je. mcm xde perasaan.
mm. ye ke?
Org ckp npe ana x kalut? rilex je?
mm. Ntah?

tp ari tu kesabaran ana teruji.
ya Allah time tu, kalo ana xigt yg ana ni masih bertuhan (NAUZUBILLAH. ALLAHUMMA ZAKKIRNA MIN HUMA NASIINA!)
mmg ana da melenting.
melenting sgt sgt.

ari tu terlepas ckp.
"org kalau da pandai sgt, hidup mcm xde peraturan, mcm xde Tuhan. sume nk langgar"
even though it was just a message sent through SMS ... i felt dmn guilty. walopon the people i meant tatau pon i said that. just luahan jeh..

satu hari nnt, we never know, we might be like them .
nauzubillah, nauzubillah min zaaaalik! skarang pon xkukuh lg, mse depan ntah mcm mne lakk..

tp mmg ari tu marah sgt.

tp marah tu reda jap.
ari ni my patience was tested again.
dah nk melenting. tp msih terkawal.
cuma sempat memerli jeh.

ya Allahh..

permudahkan urusanku ya Allahh...
btolkan yg mana salah...
mungkin cara menegur xberhikmah...spe tau.
ya Allah...


pejam celik pejam celik, PAT DA DEKAT...thn depan naik form 5. we'll be the leading batch. batch 2010.
albeit i'm not one of the Pemimpin Pelajar, officially... i still feel the urge to bring back the islamic environment in IRSHAD that had gone with the wind years ago.
diri mmg xsempurna. lagha sentiasa. hoho. tp like Aliaa said,

"i want our leadership to leave a mark on this school..." (pnoh perasaan)
"xnak mark je...xbest.." (mood spoiler - ME)
"legacy...eh, xbest gak.."
"bukaaan... ape haaa..."

erm, yet, sampai skang xjumpe lagi the right word to describe.
i want us to at least, leave a spot for the next leadership to drag that tiny spot and continue making an endless line..insyaAllah.

mcm tinggi sgt. but it's not wrong to hope kan. "-_-

till then. salam.

Monday, October 26, 2009


The name’s Syaza.

I will be sitting for my final exam soon and I can’t seem to get either the reference or answer sheet off me during my so-called exercises.



skola lain da abes exam, n i have a 10days examination waiting 4 me in a short period of timee. x|

The Internet connection is FREAKING SLOW.

Anyway, nk citer.

Ari tu main bom!! Best Pendidikan Syariah Islamiah EVVER! ALHAMDULILLAH I GOT GREAT GROUP MEMBERS!! Peperangan snarnye da mula even before main Bom lagi. Perang between Yana n Pijan. Ntah amende la motif.. huhuhu

Gelak sakan arh time tu.

First, gelak sbb xthn tgk muka tahan gelak pijan mse dia mula2 masuk grup.. hohoho. Then, gelak tgk dia n Faris ambush Yana… samseng mad said laa sungai dua la.. ape laa. Huhuu

“hang tabuh org pakai pa? parang ha?”

“machine gun.”


Our team's syiar cedok syiar umah Osman, “Gempur Syariah Perkasa” … grup Jiran, paling diingati sume la kot. Ahhaha

“1..2..3..4..5.. sadduz zara’iq”


I was waiting for them to like, drop a bombshell or some kind like that, abes cmtu je.. xpe la kan, tp Pjan g gelak, n u know how laughter is contagious kan! Ahhaha. The whole class glak. xDxD

Then then.

Mse nk main bom, ustazah Salwa ckp, buh nama buah, Pjan, accidentally said (out loud) “zaiton”, which is, the name of our cikgu BM! I don’t know bout u, but the class found it funny.. huhu



Then then..

mm. manyak mnde jadi la. Ad mnde bersejarah jadi, but terpaksa dirahsiakan. Yg penting, tarikh keramat itu ialah 23 oktober 2009. “yg berkenaan” pergi xkan kmbali dah…patah tumbuh, ilang berganti. Huhuhuhu.

Ahaks. Curious? :D

Do u know I have like, a bunch of +m3 questions and m3 questions that I shud be answering right now?


i'm 17 today.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Salam. :)

- it's 1 Zulkaedah 1430h. I'm officially 17 today. =)
n Amal, officially 16 today! 20th October 2009.
Happy Birthday Amal!
Love u much! *kata2 bodek. gakakak*
Smoga kta sntiasa dlm lindungan Allah. Ameenn.

oh, n ari ni ad sambutan "meraikan" Adilla n her sister for winning the Pidato Piala Diraja Kebangsaan 27.

It was expected, with her ultimate passion in Bahasa Melayu, especially things like Pidato n Bahas, insyaAllah it's easy for her + moral supports from teachers, friends n families + redha Allah. Seee. there's always a blessing in disguise. they lost Bahas kebangsaan (wey! da kebangsaan tu da ok la!!! ahhaha), she made it for Pidato.. Congratulations! Mabruk Alaiki! :) Sejarah berulang. teringat sejarah zaman pra-matang dolu2. ahahha. ngarut jeh. "-_-

oh n come on lah, forgetting a few names of teachers and friends to thank is forgivable lah, for Allah's sake! =D

she was so excited, so many names to thank, no big deal.. errgh. i mean, mse jah 4 ke 5 ntah, i did something of that kind, n the teachers were like.. "syaza da sombong da sekarang... " "-_-
lupekan lupekan...

besides, i believe Cikgu xmakan hati lah... she knows, Adilla don't need to let the whole world to know how grateful she is to her. kan kan kan. xkan sbb terlupa sebut people are chattering... hoish.
-Tce Rafidah pulak ari ni last day tce b4 btolak g Makkah 4 hajj. May Allah grant u Haji Mabrur, amiin. :) td ad baca yaasin tergempar... sume igt spelah yg ninggal (pikiran xbrapa luas -yasin yo ado org ningga.. ahhaha) but it was for her safety ..

- Tce Nani was extremely beautiful today!!!! Seri pengantin annn. ahhahaha.
bak kata Aliaa n Hafi, xdpt nk concentrate, got distracted ... ahhaha. boys tatau la camne... indifferent je pown. xmatang..xmatang.. ahahahahha. main2 je ok.

- tu je kot. till then, daaaa

best laugh!

Monday, October 19, 2009



i just had the best laugh this evening!

spatotnya ad klas tambahan, Abah n Mak figured it already - WHO WOULD WANNA COME? CUTI CUTI LAA..

so, cuma ad 9 makhluk je yg dtg.

- Ainah
- Farhana
- Me Me Me
- Wafa
- Aliaa
- Awin
- Amal
- Aniisah
- Faris

Sa' Squared tunggu bas sejam, xsampai2, dia balik.
Wani da dtg, tp balik.
Zun xdpt dtg...
ramai la.

Awin n Amal wat terkejut je mase mula2 dtg. ahahhaha.
nk terkejutkan org dlm klas, drang yg terkejut. wakakaka.

then, i started telling them some funny videos ive watched...

lps tu, Aliaa mintak tolong Ainah call tce Fifah.

yadda yadda... then Farhana bwk kuar lappie dia!!

bermulalah pengembaraan menonton video2 lawak. ahhaha

even without the videos Awin, Amal n Farhana were damn funny, ni kan dgn alat bantuan mengajar! ahahha~~

we were laughing like crazy until Faris came.
He was looking quite frustrated when we told him that the class was cancelled!
he even sounded really down! tatau nape? :D

then azan asar.

mse bru sampai tu i was the laughing stock where they laughed at me sbb tringat
"WEY~ SUMPAH BUNIAN!!" ... tv3..hahaha

then, da kol 5 lebih, we decided to go home.
oh wait, ad 1 mission.


setelah tertangguh sekian lama, akhirnya, meja2 tersebut berjaya dibuang ke PKP..
u know how my hands are really "fragile", i cant even get the cap off the mineral bottles. "-_-
bawak turun meja tu dr tingkat 3 then jalan to PKP was torture!!

tetiba terlepas
"mcm org ngandung pun ad. " ahahha. becuz i had to bend my back to carry the table..really felt like a pregnant woman tau x! hahaha

n now my hand is in slight pain. i couldnt raise my hand (infected parts: elbow to fingers)... kalo angkat, mcm parkinson jeh, terketar2. haahha. nauzubillah, i dont wanna contract any disease of that kind.

all in all, i would really love to thank Amal n Awin for making my day!
Aliaa n Wafa were rather serious, .. exam nk dekat ann. :D:D:D
makhluk2 yg xseda2 diri lagi ni la kjenye.. gelak je. ahha.

till then. daa!!

i am soo dead.


it's 20 minutes past 1 in the morning. n guess what, i just found a japanese drama ... entitled Nobuta wo Produce.
jmpe scara xsengaja.
tgh tgk video klip 9th March - lagu dlm 1 litre of tears... tp video die pelik je.. baca komen, oooh. Nobuta, wo, produce eh? okk.. search kat WikiDramaAddict...

exam tgh tunggu nk main boo-chak je nih.

abes laaa. abes laaa..

i dont know how many dramas will i watch after SPM nnt *bunyi cengkerik* *spm lambat lagi*

asek komplen je xde masa nk studi. hahahaahah. ofcoz, xde masa nk studi! sbb masa yg ada tu bukan utk studi! hahaha (kata2 org yg malas: jgn tiru aksi ini di rumah mahupun di toilet skola yg sangat lawa)

dengan dramanya...dengan novelnya... hoi syaza, berpijaklah anda di bumi nyata. hahahah.

so far, all of the dramas i've watched, enjoyable, best, kira xrugi tgk la. sama lah dlm kes i don't go crazy over guys too easily, sbb once i said someone is good-looking, handsome whatsoever, that guy really is. hohoho.oo. tuka topik lak eh?

one litre of tears really made me cry. tp the first half of the drama je lah.. sbb the second half i watched SIANG-SIANG, dkt living room lagi.. kne cover ah feeling. wakakakak.
first half tgk malam2...dlm bilik....feeling lebeyh sket. hahaa.
if the drama can inspire people to be a doctor to find the cure for SCD (kot) tu kan, unfortunately, it did not inspire me. becuz, i am just a plain girl with no ambition, YET.

one thing for sure, Haruto Asou did not exist in Aya's real life... her mom demands for the character as Aya never had a chance to be in love before she died!! Haruto was "created" so that Aya can actually "be" in love, even if it's just a drama. That basketball guy who dumped her was eeevviil..hate him. hoho. No, she dumped her, actually. but still i hate him. hahah.

i love the part where Ako was being so defensive ... she scolded Hiro for being ashamed of having a handicapped sister when THAT handicapped sister was the one who thought him the image training that finally made him into the soccer team.

then then. aah. i love every second of the show lah. hahaha

ok then, daaa. :)

i'll turn 17 in 5 days

Thursday, October 15, 2009





sje nk capub. hahah


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the internet connection here is much muccccch faster than it is at home~!!
ad 6 free periods. sume cikgu xmasuk. "-_-
PAT da dekat, wat xsedar diri plak.. "--



Saturday, October 10, 2009

pictures of raya 2009 ... penang..
malam raya 2009. drang dtg umah 4 takbir umah ke umah.
i like the butterflies ... tuu kat langsir tuu.. mak bubuh.

family blah penang. sume org ada

these are some photos of the openhouse....especially uploaded for TK Atiqah who requested to at least see some photos even before the openhouse started, and to those who couldnt or didnt wanna come..hehe. I INVITED EVERYBODY. DO NOT COMPLAIN OF ME NOT INVITING U. too lazy busy to transfer photos from my handphone nor cameras, end up stealing photos from my bros' blogs and my elder bro's FB. eheh.

along, adik n.. Muhammad Teddy? syabil named it looong ago. ahaha
tgh kemas2
khemah da pasang...bersih lg time ni. skali lps abes openhouse..phheww.
teacher lela was our guest of honour. hahahaha

2 eko kambing. i didnt eat. hahaha. but sume org kata sedap. i still didnt eat.
berderet2 keter...which one is yours?
makan2. sile2.

scene from anjung bilik abg2kuwh.
rumah "terbuka"

da siappp pasang skirting...
follow the arrow.

yesterday was che yam's (Maryam Mawaddah) birthday!
and yesterday, i skipped school..

Mak said,
- irritated eyes that have boogers when touched
- pink eyes

are symptoms of SAKET MATAAA.

planned to go the clinic on Friday....but i didnt. gahahaha.

so, cuti xde MC laa... bak kata zun, sibuk kemas umah nk wat openhouse deepav. gahahah. gurau saja.. :D

Deepav is a religious celebration. Muslims cannot celebrate it.. it's not like Chinese New Year or something that had nothing to do with faith n religion...kan?



Thursday, October 8, 2009

haiish. hasratku utk tidak memiliki keahlian dlm facebook ato sebarang social network selain FS n MS x dpt ditroskan.


when i first registered for FB...mse tu xramai org gne lagi... pertengahan thn form3 kot, tu pon tce lela suh buat... tce kenalkan kat budak2 turkey, n they dont have FS or MS, so buat la kan.... tp da mse tu xramai org gne FB, delete je lah. buat semak jiwa je... skali skang sume lari g FB "-_-

ape2pon, korang add la kalo nk, xyah la add kalo xnak.
yg dikenali sahaja. i dont wanna stuff my account with 80% on my friend list are strangers. "-_-

just key in my full name.

i thought i've deleted my facebook.
i deleted my hi-5
name it.
but no, facebook.
y is my account still there?
oh yeah, i forgot my password.
n now i got 2 FB accounts. "-_-

random lagi la~

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


it's been a while since i last posted birthday wishes on my blog.

anyway, yg baru2 ni,


may Allah bless u, have a great future ahead! amiin. :)

randomly speaking, tomorrow's gonna be the second day of PMR. regardless having no PMR candidates to read this (i guess),

Usaha dah, tinggal nk jawab paper n tawakkal je.

i'm not sure how many would fast during the PMR week?
well, i tried when it was my time.
i can no longer experience PMR without fasting as i have, already, answered, while fasting, about a year ago~~~ road not taken~~ gahaha.

i decided to only TRY and fast the first day of PMR... alhamdulillah, no complications occured, and i managed to finished my puasa 6 while sitting for the exam.

to fast or not to fast during examination really depends on individuals.

some people have these thoughts in their minds about fasting during examination;

-nnt lapar xleh concentrate
-xleh minum air time ngantuk
-xleh minum air nk segarkan otak

some people,

-puasa ni ibadah, there must be positive effects Allah has in store
-bila puasa sbb ibadah, kita sandarkan kat Allah, insyaAllah He'll help us.
-time puasa kne jaga mulut, mata, etc. at least, kita jg hubungan dgn org, n dpt restu n reda from them.

since PMR was kinda like, the biggest thing, i, as a F3 stud shud think of, i even did some research on exams n fasting. it's kinda disappointing to know that someone EVEN THINK of leaving off Ramadhan fasting due to examinations..."-_-..found some articles that lead me to fasting.

right now, i'm not sure whether or not shud i fast while sitting for SPM?

xde da A1,A2,B3....ETC ETC...
drang wat cam cikgu2 tadika tanda colouring book kita...
A+,A,A- etc etc..................

it's almost the end of the year! n yet i still don't think i can answer any question with confidence, without referring to textie or reffie..arrggh! ape nk jadi dohhh?
being in irshad is kinda like being in a comfort zone; TO ME.
kengkawan yg masuk thn ni pnah ckp, irshad xmain suap2, sume kne carik sniri;
when other 06 irshadians ckp we are being spoon-fed all day long, xlarat nk telan dah..
mmh. ironic?

i've been watching online movies too much. ari tu tgh Hannah Montana, gile high Quality!! huhu

xde ape da kot nk ckp.
till then, da!!

Canteen Day 09

Monday, October 5, 2009


kalo seblom2 ni ad chance la kan nk g jalan2 merata.... g merayau... kacau2 gerai org...

padah dpt adik2 yg sgt malu nk menjual, terpaksa duk dlm gerai dari pagi sampai ke petang....
~_~ .. xpe2, bak kata wafa,
"kakak mithali"

pagi jumaat, ad cabut undi, which, kalo x cabut pon xpe. dpt no 22, tp kne injak g no 23 sbb pengetua nk 1 booth, nk jual BAJA.

b4 undi tu, dayah ckp..
"kesian gila sapa dapat gerai tengah2 tu... lopak ... sapa nk mai.."
n i said..
"x semestinya... kalo dak irshad, perot2 tong..."
aliaa sambung.. "lopak x lopak, dtg jugakkk.."

n yeah, i got the gerai we were talking about.
kuciwwaaa kuciwaaa.. hhaha.

mmg risau sgt.. huhuh

pastu, time tu da nk balik da, cg ckp, petang ni, boleh start menghias, n i was like..
cikgu ckp, petang tu jugak la, esok pagi mmg x sempat da...


alhamdulillah, saw Haziqah n Amirah....tanya drang leh dtg tolong x petang ni,
THANK GOD drang xde kelas tambahan petang tu, drang leh dtg tolong..
then, saw adik2 form 1, form2, Filzati.... Maziah... Farah.. suruh drang sebar2kan..

janji kol 3, but i forgot. hahahah.
mcm2 barang nk kne bawak, sampai sekola kol 3.40.. drang ckp,
"kami igtkot kak xmo mai dah..."

mula lah menghias.
sgt menjimatkan.
alas meja, hiasan, amik langsir yg mak jahit dlu.. yg pasang kat sungai dua dulu. ahaks~~

menu2 pe sume, x laminate, gne document protectors SAHAJA. boleh reuse kan. hahaha.
bygkan how much did we save?

then dlm kol 5 lebih cmtuh, da siap hias sket.

pastuh, petang tu baru teringat, X BELI MILO LAGI. huhuh. call abah suh tolong beli....
malam tu siap2kan ape nk bawak sume...


malam tu, farah call...SGT SUSPENS.

"akak!! td maziah call kami, dia cakap, budak2 drama marah kita p hias kat gerai depa...depa kata depa no 23..."
"eh, mne de.. td ptg, cikgu ckp, spe2 yg gerai stat no 18, tambah 1, sbb pengetua nk masuk... so, kita undi dapat no 22, jadi 23.. drang undi dpt 23, jadi 24...."
"ooowhh. la ni nk wat gu mana??"
"errk. tu la kan. xleh nk call maziah....kne tunggu maziah call la bru leh ckp..."
"kita doa la kak..."

then, kelam kabut carik spe budak asrama yg bawak phone ... nk mintak tolong btau dak asrama... *malas nk keluar umah g tgk sniri..

tp masalah settle akhirnya. dlm kol 10.30 cmtuh, farah cakap, maziah ad call.................

baru cite b4 ari kantin.


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