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Jom terharu maru di penghujung tahun (Updated)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

note: I'll be updating from time to time so yeah, pandai2 la cari sendiri kan apa yg patot :D.. These are just what people think of me, and that doesn't have to mean what they said is what I am, please do not simply judge me just by reading all these.. ;) sorry about the font sizes, can't be helped (it can, just too lazy. ahah)

Salam Alaykk.

Soooo. I've posted this before, lepas inbox the number 100 to Anis Raihana :

100: I know u since stadard1.U were my 1st bestfriend!U wud alwys calm myself down when I cried.U wud alwys accompnied me wherever I go.I couldn't deny that u're the bestfren that I wanted for so long.U never left me alone when other people left me and go with their friends.We studied, learned, laughed, cried together.Imissyou,bff!Hope to meet you soon!So many stories to tell you!Datang KL cepattt!

she's the one sitting beside me. *can u find me, anyway? hahaha*

and was sooo touched. ahha. Kawan lama sangat sangat sangat dah nii terpisaah for years and she reminisced all those things we’ve done together. Mana takkk terharu kan?

thenn... suddenly everyone's doing it.

So. here are some more i got from those great people out there. haha. I knooooww they are supposed to be PRIVATE, but ...

... tak boleh tahan laaa, i must appreciatee!! x)


I'm compiling them for memory purposes. =)

*the bold ones are not what i think bout them, simply comments :)*

SAFINA : 2007 - One of my loveliest senior Hihi , :) Sporting , gila-gila , I like the way you gave advices . InsyaAllah semua tu akan berkesan , kalau tak sekarang mungkin satu hari nanti . Thanks akak fr everything :) Irshad will miss you

» tekan sini tekann..«


ANIS : 2007 - hi baby auntie hehehe i adore your cute smile!we both share same interest in arts right!i'll support you in whatever you do okay, be the best and never forget what we've been through since 2007

» tekan sini tekann..«


‎PAPAT : 2007 : hellooooo! hahah, idk what to say about you cz u're awesome! haha, i love almost everything about you, i guess. u look like a nice, shy and a low-esteem girl on my first sight but NO YOU'RE NOT. everything is in contrast! u can be cruel in ur words and u have such a high level of confidence! even higher than me i guess! hahah, i adore your photoshop skills. it's awesoooomeeeee! tehee, u're one of the best xD

» tekan sini tekann..«


TASHA : ‎2009 - my another sahabat susah nak dicari, ALLAH bless you. He have given u such a big oopurtinity to hve such creative minds. AND , I LOVE that.
Anti, tegur ana if ana ada buat silap.heey, jangan lupa rancangan kita untuk video2 tu, insha ALLAH fillah !

» tekan sini tekann..«


AFIQ: 2009 - 1st time kenal lebih rapat thn lepas thru FB! berguna oo fb ni. hahaha selalu merepek sama2 tambah2 bila ada 'senior' mmg gila la. And ng ada jugak beri tunjuk ajar in certain things. thanks for that! and don't forget the feeling bila pegang jawatan tau time sekolah dulu. hahahaha :)

» tekan sini tekann..«

--updated 1:13 31/12/2010

IKMAL : ‎0510 - Okay.. Senior pertama ya! Ya ukht, i know u btter time pjumpaan klab kot.. kta pnah sama2 pegi bwa nama irshad ke UIA. u r very talented person.. u can speak english well.. pandai edit gmbr.. tu yg pnting.. hahaha.. n one more, sgt2 baik.. :)

» tekan sini tekann..«

LYANA : 5110 - km syg kt hmp krna Allah .. hmpa la senior f5 yg 1st km knai ! pape un , km nk ucp brbyk2 trima kasih , sbb sudi mlyan karenah km n our group ! hehe .. km xkn sia2 kan prtmuan kita ... ukhuwah fillah ye kak !

» tekan sini tekann..«

NATASYA : ‎0510 ~ kak ! sgt baik + sporting , *pendapat kmi laaa* , :) walaupun hmp dah tak sekolah dah gn km nnt ! km akn tetap igt hmp ! tq untuk usrah2 yang penah dbuat untk banat form 1 ~ tmbh2 yg 'titian kasih' tuh ! apa2 pun , terima kasih bnyk2 sbb bnyk bg nasihat ! semoga kita boleh jmp lagi nnt ! ukhwah fillah & uhibbuki fillah :)

» tekan sini tekann..«

FIRDAUS KASMAN: 0207 junior. hmm. x rapat sangat. possess excellent English skills. perwatakan yang baik. sejuk perut ibu mengandung. hehehe. good luck in everything :)

» tekan sini tekann..«

DADYE : hobi anda mmg mnekan butang like pada comment2 org. haha., and i will remember that. i envy you sbb selalu saja tulis essay yg amat best dan menusuk kalbu. heh., all your words in your blog inspired people,. tknak ngaku je lah kan. baik punya dancing fingers. hahah. you're awesomee!and thanks for saying that :D

» tekan sini tekann..«

SYAZWIN : 0106 - kak 0106 ! :D *punya nak sembunya nama* ^^ okay . first of all , saya suka sangat tyme akak bagi usrah ! sangat sangat suka . the best memory was last year . tyme saya form 1 . last day sebelum cuti , akak dengan naqibah naqibah yang laen ada buat game . game yang berisi hikmah . best ! hahh , and I really really really love your video that always be shown in usrah ! :D I cant deny it
» tekan sini tekann..«

SHAFIKAH : dear 1510 :)) nice to meet u . haha , kmi un lupaa laa dr mana kmi kenal . ha ! tyme orientasii .eh , tyme kmi buat 1st video . ampaa bg tunjuk ajar . tenks 4 being my go0d senior . bgga dpt mngenali ampa . tenkiu gak c0z dh bimbing kmi n kwn2 kmi yg len . especially tyme usrah .. ♥ kmi sukaa klu usrah ada kak syaza , msty ade video yg best2 . btw , kmi syg ampaa . hope u success ♥ukhuwah fillah …
» tekan sini tekann..«

PUTERI : 1015 - my beloved senior whom I very very respect. ILY sister :) I really hope you will success in your life. chaiyokk :D kita agak rapat jugakk kan?hehe :P strive for excellent, do not forget me :P hope you will stay just the way you are .. moga berjaya di dunia dan akhirat :) I will miss you so damn much :)
» tekan sini tekann..«

‎TIM : 2304:u r such a sweet girl.kdg2 rse jggl lak nk ckp sbb ak gna KGN ak-hg.n u gne KGN y lmbut gitu.haha.tp pepon mmg tabik spring r dgn ur kehandalan bab2 com ni.stakt yg ak jmpe,xde yg leh chllenge ag kot.haha.n ur mom's cooking is d best la.LAMA GLER dah x mrase.huhu.
» tekan sini tekann..«

LIA : 2011 - another benevolent senior:)suka sggt kat akak,akak baik..tq ya akak utk smua2 nasihat,..kita slalu jgk terserempak,,akak klo balik mst lalu dkt klas lia..dkt2 tgga..hehe, akak,suka time akak bg usrah..tq akak sbb slalu igtkan kmi smua..suka jugak bca blog akak :) lia doakan akak cmerlang SPM'10..amin :) slalu senyum2 ya :D

» tekan sini tekann..«

NAJWA : 0207 :) my senior hehe. kita tak lhaa rapat sgt. but i know you're really kind of people :) i like ur way when tegur kitaorg *i mean junior . lembut ! apaapa pun. gud luck foe ur life sis :) dunia luar kebih mncabar !

» tekan sini tekann..«

SAFF : 0270 - km rsa baru smbg smbg sikit dgn ampa pun thn ni haha. suka kalau ampa bg nasihat. bole terima sangat sangat ! :D seorang yang kreatif, suka suka hehe :)

» tekan sini tekann..«

FARHANA : 4509 : oke,awk sgt best.sy tgok awk ni baik je,asyiknya nk tlg.bgusnya irshad ada awk.dlm msa sma mengaruttt tak hbes3.biasala kan org melaka tak bule lari dr ngarut merepek3.vid awk sgt superb.awk dan sean kalo bganding meletop lah.km suma bule ngssss.tgk vid je pon.haha.awk suka gelak.awk,awk tk pnah sktkn hti org ke? hebatt btol.pastuh,awk tk pnah ada perasaan ke? snyum je asyik.org kta A ke Z ke itu je muka awk.haha,sy syg awakkk.

» tekan sini tekann..«

ZAHIRA : 234 . Ya Allah , kak aku ny mmg baek . slalu bagy nasihat at adek-2 dy , masa aku tgk dy at orientasi . mmg , haihh . kak ny , manis jek mukaa ;) SPM dis year , gudluck kak ;) ♥
» tekan sini tekann..«


Ya Allah. 2010 has about to ended and that just have to mark the end of my schooling years, officially kan. *Tacing. Taching.*

If I were to recall everything from the beginning dari Melaka to Penang to Selangor and KL and back to Penang, it will never be enough kan.. Moving here and there taught me a lot .. and I am proud to be A FULL (5YEARS) IRSHADIAN! *K610RA rocks to the max* Allahuakbar.

Alhamdulillah, Allah has given me opportunity to live in this ever challenging world with truly greaaat people around me. *tacing tacing* KORANG SUME MMG THE BEST.


I DON'T HAVE THE GUTS TO DO THIS THING. AHAH. Kalau masak pa pe kat dapor n mak suruh tolong test the taste pun i refuse! i know i can't describe things *that's just why i hate making essays* haha.

BUT THEN A FRIEND OF MINE INBOX ME A NUMBER, hahaha without me posting a status asking to do so, but yeah, apa salahnya, here goes nothing.

555 -

» tekan sini tekann..«

OK ANOTHER REQUEST. HAHAHA.. ----1:13 31/12----

707 !!

» tekan sini tekann..«



» tekan sini tekann..«

» tekan sini tekann..«


» tekan sini tekann..«


» tekan sini tekann..«

777 -

» tekan sini tekann..«

» tekan sini tekann..«

0704 –
» tekan sini tekann..«

1814 –
» tekan sini tekann..«

1573 –
» tekan sini tekann..«

» tekan sini tekann..«

Girls Day Out!

Salam Alayk. This is gonna be a VEEERRRY LONG POST. xnk baca pun xpe laaa, and i blog this just for me to remember this day. =)

so today most of my friends went for futsal, n yeah mmg thought of joining but then, the other three chose todaay as another PT DAY OUT. hee

Mula dengan ketibaan tetamu2 kehormat. haha. 3 org pakai baju berunsur biru dan hitam, TANPA DIRANCANG, n hafi pakai hitam purple. pun boleh, pun boleh. haha

mak tolong hantaaar. :)))))
dalam kete mmg lawak la . haha

Masuk2 (see, korg boleh nmpk tanda ENTER) xpasal2 suruh main kuiz. hahaha. Aliaa volunteered and main la kuiz tu kan. kalau salah ke betul ke, pijak la those er, things? xD betul semua! haha :P abang tu ckp "ni mesti byk membaca ni" :D

then ktorang main this DinoMaze (i have no idea apa nama dia, suka hati je letak nama) . ok kalau panjang sikit lagi, best la terperangkap kat situ. haha. kna jawab soalan utk pilih next route. means, kalau jawab "MUNGKIN" gi kanan, jawab "TAK MUNGKIN" gi kiri.. lebih kurang la. ktorg tiga org nak bagi habis cepat je, Aliaa lambat sbb dia rajin gi baca setiap info yg terpampang. OK OK, mmg itu yg sepatutnya kita buat kan. ahhaha

THEEEN! MY DREAM IS KINDA FULFILLED! my dream was to have all four of us in a photobooth for crazy pictures and we had it there! xde la like what i wished for, but at least, dapat jugak kan! bergambar kat situ. and the photos will be sent to our emails, insyaAllah bila da dapat, i'll upload those photos. :))

o.O....main dinosaur robot ni ha. dia cakap ONE BUTTON AT A TIME . but yeaahh. ktorang tekan je byk2 button. ahhaha. mau lelah dinosaur ni :P
Yaa. buat perangai macam budak2 gi buh kaler pelik2 kat dinosaur2 yg ada kat skrin tu. wakaka. semua salah :P
first time main, gi pilih level HARD. xde la hard mana . wakaka. ayat riak gila~ susun2 puzzle.. rangka dinosaur. i was like 'Kalau tce sofi ada ni, mampos kita wey. ni tulang apa? ni tulang apa?" haha :P miss biology already. :P

then we fed two dinosaurs . tembak-ed tembak-ed and woot masuk tigaa! xD

COMEL KANN!!! hahah xbetol pun~ XD

HAAAA! BURNING CALORIES. hahaha. Aliaa lumba basikal ngan Bella and sedang ktorang gelak2 tiba2 ada abang ni datang.. "assalamualaikum."..
"hmm?" pelik sebab tak pasal2 abang ni dtg dari blakang sedang ktorang bergelak ketawa. hahaha
"adik2 nak main game x?"
"oo..k...." gerak ikut abg tu g tempat aktiviti, which was few steps away. ahhaha :P

So first ktong main game Magic Dice. mula2 macam "Alamak.. amende la plak ni magic dice.."
then suddenly jadi sangat sangat havoc!! haha masa tu mmg adrenaline rush la. hahaha.
Hafi menang ! haha seronok2. mana leh gitau main macam mana, nk tau gi sana la. hahah x)

Then next game, ktorang main a Sudoku-like game. hahaha. susun2 kad. Hafi menang lagi!! lol.
Oh ha, before that we played Guess My Number. Ye, HAFI MENANG AND ALIAA MENANG SECOND ROUND. hahha. both round i got the answers already tp sje a bg chance dorg menang kan. ahhaahaha just kidding.. rezeki dorg . hahah n yeah, hafi menang semua game. lol. gila hebat. anyway abang2 tu igt ktorang budak U.

hahah ! ha! masa nk bayar harga tiket, akk tu caj ktorang sorg RM6.... pastu ktorang pun macam "ehh? bukan RM3 ke kak? ktorg baru 17" .. "oh ye ke? btol ?" "btol kak.. baru je lepas spm"
"baru lepas spm?? macam budak U je.." "Kak, slip exam saya ada lagi dlm beg ni ha" .. hahahahah .. no, seriously. :D

then da habis main, snap gamba .. dapat goodies and yeah agak lama ktorang kat tempat aktiviti tu. sejam gak ahh! (ye ke?)

these were the abang2 DinoTrek.

Some photos dari aktiviti Magic Squares.

OOOH. dan lepas da habis, apa lagiii sambung lumba basikal laaa!! hahaha. HAFI KALAH YEAY YEAY YEAY. hahah :P
rasanya ktorg paling BISING BINGIT kat DinoTrek tu. n Bella ckp "Abang2 n Kakak2 kat situ yg terhibur tgk ktorang kot. hahaha"
ni la yg ktorg lumba-lumbakan. haha sapa menang dapat makan the other dinosaur :D
then Bila ckp "hheeey, apsal belah ni asyik kalah je? rosak kooott" OK FINE! tuka tempat. YE LA YE LA. ROSAK KOT. hahahah. but still, I WON. :D

Aliaa nk gigit hafi. "Lovebite" (tolong jgn pk bukan2), apa salahnya. BOND OF AKHOWAT :D

cari gali!! hahaha. kalo mak tengok ni "ha, rumah sendiri xmo kemas, duk nyapu tulang denasor lakk!" n yeah sbb terngiang kemungkinan kata2 tersebut, saya tidak, saya ulang, saya TIDAK mengemas tulang2 dinosaur tersebut. wakaka.

Bila nak main2 mata ngan mnatang ni. haha (i dont remember their names. HAHAHAH)

Aliaa touch screen. HAA! before kat sini, ktorang ada main this optical illusion punya card. gilaa la rasa nk give up da. tengok2 jawapan dia, "LAAAA" hahah. oh n Volunteer DinoTrek ni dorg wat walk in interview, so Aliaa mcm berminat. ye la ye la. gi laaa. ktorng duk kat PLKN. -.-

Selesaaaaai DinoTrek, mulala mengembara satu JJ..
SAMPAI PENAT DAN LAPAR. padahal x beli apa. what i said came true "nak tak, kita masuk2 kedai tu kedai ni, kalau dorg (org kedai tu) da mula nk ikut2 kita dari blakang, kita blahhh. " HAHHA. mmg jadi secara xsenngaja. gi kedai SAWKS mula2. Aliaa cri handglove, yg panjang. xpernah jumpa2 lagi. kalau jumpa pun yg pendek je. pastu Bila kuarkan glove yg dia pakai masa iceskate. ahha comel. :D then g tengok socks kaler2 ngan hafi, nk pakai kat sana nnt, hafi tunjuk yg belang2 warna kuning n biru .. i was like " xmo la hafi. xnak yg senang kotor, malas nk basuhh. hahaha"

Then Aliaa asyik ajak ktorang berenti kat kdai2 nk carik silver earrings yg murah n tahan. tapiiii semua kedai xberkenan di hati. HAHAHA.
Everytime kluar mesti ktorg akan berenti kat girlish shop macam tu (and yes end up buying nothhinggg) . . .

pastu gi Speedy, carik movies that we wanted to watch balik kang. rasa mcm nk beli THREE IDIOTS, tapi dah ada dalam komputer. tapi subtitle dia x bes, kadang faham, kadang x fahammm. tengah berkira2 nk beli ke x, pastu bila da decide beli je la since the story was undeniably great, SEKALI ADA BUDAK TU AMEK CD TU AND IT WAS THE LAST COPY OF THREE IDIOOOTS................. =.= xde rezeki la. Bella and Hafi pulakk was browsing for Korean and Japanese dramas n movies. Bella ckp "aku nak nangissss" tengok harga one box of korean dramas. hahahah. i knoww, i told u kaaaan. xpe2, kita tunggu sampai cite tu jadi mcm One Litre of Tears, harga droppped gila. haha

Aliaa nak amek CD Michael Buble and I took "Sister's Keepers" sbb tengok dia tulis "BUY ONE FREE ONE" punya la happy lepas da lama pegang, da nk bayar, tengok2 harga dia.. "errrrrrrk. xpe la terima kasih. patot la free one. " hahahaha.


Pastu gi Popular. Searched for great novels or motivational books that I can read, tapi malangnya xde yg menarik minat. kecik la popular kat situ. xbes xbes.
Pastu perut Hafi da berbunyiik so we decided nk gi solat dulu then baru gi makan. n YEAAAH we were hoping to get to the rooftoppp!! (tapi malangnya rooftop dia x siap lagi . . . gila scaaary naik tingkat 3 tuuuu. kunci. gelap. hahahah. nasib baik naik 4 org wey! kalau sorg mau nangis!!! haha)

Before gi surau, singgah DigitalBay, Bella carik harddisk and i searched for a microphone (without the head phone).. beli la satuuu. Syabil rosakkan satu mic kat headphone =.= ada satu lagi tp dia punya head phone pulak K.O .. malas la nk rebut satu lagi headphone with mic yg syabil guna skang. DIA DAH ADDICT NGAN VIDEO CHAT. =.=

hafi menggila dengan jam2 ktorang. ok, i din bring mine. so solat2 pe sume, gi makannn.

mula2 g beli Twisters Fries kat McD for Bella and I and McFlurry for Hafi, Aliaa gi Watsons. then g KFC beli2 makanan lahh. Pastu aliaa nk beli aiskrim .. n ktorg nk beli lagi McFlurry and Twisters, tp sebab abang yg sama jaga, mintak tolong Aliaa belikan. wakkaka. perangai.

ya. ini buktinya. Aliaa yg baik hati beratur utk kami. xD n then cadang nk g Baskin Robbins, tapi harga2 mereka yg sememangnya ROBBINg us selaku pelajar kasta sederhana, xpe la, terima kasih je la. haha . kami x kaya nk enjoy BR =,= hahha.
THHHEEEN, BELLA ajak gi big apple laak. adoii. makan lagii? haha it was my n hafi's first time lahh. xpernah makan B.A.D pun.

Bila n Hafi pilih2 DonaShi and Aliaa waited patiently, refusing to have anymore bite as she sensed flabbiness. hahah :D

g beli tracksuits jap *kering dompet owhhhh. asal x beli kat bundle je. hahaha*

Special thanks to Mak sbb hantar pergi dan balik. HEHEHE. nak naik bas tak reti dari situ, x familiar, plus time consuming. hahahah. :P

Ohh. Dua gambar terakhir tu DonaShi (?) Bella and Hafi. Apiq makan, n if apiq takes the second bite of something, means sedap and edible. hahah :P So yeah it was edible, for org yg baru first time makan donat2 big apple. T,T Sedih eh? ahhaha. den tau donat mak, donat tepi jalan, dunkin donut je. ahahah =P

Ya, anda boleh lihat betapa kami byk habis duit kat tempat makan. HAHAHA~ :p
oh n lepas solat asar terserempak Ru, Aizat n Aidid.

Today was great, spent hours with them, tak taaau la lepas ni dapat kluar lagi ke tak 4-4 org, masing2 nk bawak haluan masing2 daaaaa.


pastu since YM Bella rosak, ktorg nk chat ramai2 esok.... so, made a group kat FB. wakakak. 4 org je ahli, then will conduct a group chat (antara cara memaksa aliaa wat FB Account. Henry's asking for hers already! (plus lots of other people ponnn.))

Ya Allah Engkau mengetahui bahawa..

hati-hati ini telah berkumpul kerana mengasihi Mu

Bertemu untuk mematuhi perintah Mu

Bersatu memikul beban dakwah Mu

hati ini telah mengikat janji setia..untuk mendaulat dan menyokong syariatMu

Maka eratkan lah ya Allah akan ikatannya Kekalkan kemesraan antara hati-hati ini

Tunjukkanlah kepada hati-hati ini..akan jalannya yang sebenar

Penuhkanlah piala hati ini..dengan limpahan iman, keyakinan dan keindahan tawakkal kepada Mu

Hidup suburkanlah hati-hati ini..dengan makrifat, pengetahuan sebenar tentangMu

Jika Engkau mentakdirkan mati

Maka matikanlah pemilik hati-hati ini..sebagai para syuhada' dlm perjuangan agama Mu

Engkau lah sebaik-baik sandaran..dan sebaik-baik penolong ya Allah

Perkenankanlah permintaan ini

Amin ya rabbal A'alamin..

Anyway, i went for a MedCheck utk PLKN... doktor tanda SIHAT DAN LAYAK, tapi sebenarnya ada satu masalah sikit sampai doktor tu ckp "saya xakan benarkan awak pergi plkn sebab *perbualan dirahsiakan*... tapi kalau dah awk cakap macam tu, xpe la, saya assume xde apa" haha.

tpi fikir2 balik, biarrrlah. xpe la, pegiii je la. amek pengalaman kann. so, ye, ditakdirkan ilahi, 3/1.......PLKN Kem Damai Park Resort, here i come (kalau hidup lagi).

oh n doktor tu pelik looking at me not having any pre-assumed medical problems that most people would actually think i have very high possibilities of contracting themm.. (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc).. well, Alhamdulillah, i shall say. :)

Standard ONE.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

100:I know u since stadard1.U were my 1st bestfriend!U wud alwys calm myself down when I cried.U wud alwys accompnied me wherever I go.I couldn't deny that u're the bestfren that I wanted for so long.U never left me alone when other people left me and go with their friends.We studied, learned, laughed, cried together.Imissyou,bff!Hope to meet you soon!So many stories to tell you!Datang KL cepattt!


Lillahi Ta'ala.

swimming in this world full of deceptions may not be as easy as swimming in the pool.
Photo : Syafiq's swimming.

Salam Alayk. Short trip to Perak was over and so I'm back; LIKE YOU CARE. hahahha
ok not funny.
mmg best, family time kan :)

Adilla once said something like "Allah nk bagi petunjuk la" bila teringat pasal surau al-ansori kita (kita punya lagi ke? da abes skola T.T) yang...anjing masuk, kucing wat toilet, espeseli that AWANG. =.=

come to think of it. betul jugak kan.
somewhat, mcm nk ckp tempat yang baik xsemestinya bersih suci dan murni kalau kita tak jaga.

cermin diri sendiri .

fine, skola agama, tudung labuh, xde tepuk tampar laki pompuan sume tu, blaja syariah, blaja quran sunnah..
tapi, masing2 faham2 sendiri je la. xramai yg sudi bawak nama "budak sekolah agama" bila keluar kan?
takut nanti org jauhkan diri, takut nnt org pandang rendah, takut nnt org approach kita suruh selesaikan masalah. erkkk.

hakikatnya, sekolah kita walau sekolah agama, walau tahfiz, walau maahad sekalipun, kalau bukan kita yang nak jaga kesucian hati, siapa lagi? x guna dapat sekolah elok2, tapi kita biar hati kita, perangai kita membusukkan the whole thing, mencemar nama skolah, n yes, mencemar nama agama.

huuu~ya Allah, pelihara kami selamanya. Amiin.

OK. sekarang baru nak masuk tajuk, Lillahi Ta'ala.

Tak heran lagi. Ramai je kawan-kawan lukisan saya yang bukan artis. Pada saya, lukisan-lukisan mereka ni lebih banyak manfaat berbanding lukisan artis-artis lulusan Faculty of Arts and multimedia. Lukisan diorang takde di pameran2 seni lukis atau balai seni atau diperam kerana terlalu mahal. Bagi yang sudah maklum, mereka ini adalah di kalangan doktor-doktor, ustaz ustazah, engineer, saintis dan macam-macam lagi. Takde basic seni lukis, takde sijil, bahkan pen lukis pun takde.

Yang anehnya lagi, lukisan mereka lagi cepat tersebar dan menyentuh ramai manusia. Sebab apa? Sebab basic mereka tarbiyah dan mereka melukis secara gratis dan tak dikaburi dengan ketakjuban terhadap lukisan sendiri. Haha. Sebab apa? Sebab diorang lukis biasa-biasa sahaja, huduh-huduh je dalam perkataan lain. Tapi apa yang membezakan? Mereka mahu berdakwah. Full stop.

Dan ya, ia datang lagi. Am I doing the right thing? Taking arts? T.T

LILLAHI TA'ALA. LILLAHI TA'ALA. LILLAHI TA'ALA. itu yang org selalu cakap...

bila bukak Buku Conteng Hikari, lagi celaru. Boleh je jadi prostazah~~
Nak buat apa pun, selagi dikurniakan kudrat, boleh je, xde masalah. Cuma nak dan tak nak je. Macam KIMIA. bukannya x reti menghafal benda2, cuma xberminat je. Niat yang jitu utk tuntut ilmu kimia lillahitaala tu kureng. huuu~


apa yg penting, biar mesej kita sampai.

even though lukisan x lawa mana, penulisan x hebat mana, graphic xgah mana, biarlah kamera cikai, biarlah suara sumbang gaban, etc, asalkan apa yg kita nk sampaikan kat org tu, biar sampai sesampai sampainya. biar apa yg kita buat, ada saham kat sana.

Allahurobbi. Guide myself, don't let me go astray.

P/s: I'm currently designing (or thinking of designing) my own blogger template. but, yeah, PLKN is bloody nearing, so, erh.. till then, salam alayk.
Allah. Protect them :)


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Touching. huuuuuu~~~

You what people always say, "JAGA HATI ORG, HATI SENDIRI MACAM MANA?" ...

tingkat dalam persahabatan.
Satu tahap yang menunjukkan kita menyayangi sahabat lebih daripada diri kita sendiri.

Ukhwah kerana apa?
nak mengisi kekosongan jiwa?
jeles org lain ada kawan baik?
semua org pun mesti ada kawan?
nak luahkan segala isi hati dan perut kat seseorang bergelar sahabat?

Jom muhasabah balik.
Senang je kita cakap kan, "Uhibbuki fillah" (Aku sayang ko krana Allah)
tapi apa maksudnya sayang kerana Allah?

Kalau benar kita sayang seseorang kerana Allah, kita xkan sesekali mengeluh,
"aku da buat macam2 da utk dia, tp dia xreti nk berterima kasih! ungrateful gilaaa!!!"

Tanggungjawab kita sebagai sahabat.. apa sebenarnya?
Tanggungjawab kita banyak, utk mengasihi sahabat kita, untuk pimpin sahabat kita,
utk layan dia sebaik mungkin, bawak dia sama2 mencari redha Allah. yes, walaupun dia xhingin.

dalam bersahabat KERANA ALLAH, kita tak boleh harapkan balasan daripada sebelah pihak lagi. buat la apa pun, korbanlah apa pun, anggaplah sahabat kita sebagai satu amanah daripada Allah .. Jangan pulaukan dia walaupun dia lain.
and the other party should do the same, tpi bukan utk balas jasa baik, but as to fulfil HIS/HER SIDE OF RESPONSIBILITY.

get it?

Cinta bersandarkan Allah, membuka ruang kepada cinta-cinta lain secara tak langsung. ;)

Sahabat, andai satu hari kelak aku terjatuh, hulurkan tanganmu agar aku kembali bangkit.

Oh so random.

S e r o n o k ! ! !

beli 3 batang pen of different sizes and tips!! *3 je pon*

n so far da lukis baju akram n lee masa gala night hari tu. sbb baju dorg hitam putih. sukaaa main ngan pen. hahah

anyway semalam g 1st avenue, and kalo korg naik lif dia yg seetrough tu kan, sila berenti kat tingkat 4. hahahaha. gila spooky.

baru lepas habis baca novel TERASING by HILAL ASYRAF semalam. n yeah, hampir menangis kat certain2 part. note that im not that easy-to-cry type of girl.
sedih kot. T.T
n takot.. next stop, Denyut Kasih Medik.

oh after 17 years hidup, baru tau this one down here is done by my mum. hahahaha. trok btol, xpernah tauu.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Salam Alayk.

I'm currently in the process of "launching" a new blog.

NO NO NO, I'm not moving, it's just that I'm making a blog where I'll compile stories that I've written.

I often publish my stories anonymously in school magazine, for I find it embarrassing when people read what I've written and find silly mistakes.

But hey, come to think of it, why don't I let people know the writer and they can correct whatever mistakes I made, kan?

So yeah. The URL is already up, it's http://the-dancing-fingers.blogspot.com/
Do support. :)

SixTens Gala Night Part 2.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

So amik2 gambar sampai abes batteri. The girls were all very pretty, indeed. Masa kat changing room, Papat, Mekna, Pkah sume pakai drapey dresses, ada yg ckp baju kelawar, I NEVER KNW THAT! Adilah Din said nmpk mcm pari2. ahha (take that as a compliment, girls. xD)

I'll miss you guys weyh.

Thanks for all the memories.

Thanks to those who have managed the dinner well! Korg mmg gempak ah sbb sempat lg pk pasal ni even time spm, haha. 86 org yg dapat datang eh? Alhamdulillah. at least nk dekat 100. The food byk lebih kot, that's the sad thing la. CUPCAKE COMEEELLLLLL.

Alhamdulillah, last night was a night to remember. Walaupun xde apa sgt, just sembang sembang sembang gelak gelak gelak, amik gambar amik gambar amik gambar, n all that, but those are the things that made it wonderful, at least for me.. I dunno about anyone else which may not favour last night. sukaa hati lah.

Semua org started posting status and photos of the night. :)))

Amek signature kat mug apa semua, but some of the signs somehow smudged, that's sad.

haaa! ada pertukaran hadiahh~
(Faris Shafiq punya photo) haha. adoii. don't worry, no hands touched.

so after that night, bercambah-cambah lah SixTens yg buat acc.
YA ALLAH. Saya bersyukur sgt sgt dpt jumpa dorg2 semuaa. Kenangan pahit manis semua ada kat sini. 5 years, people. 5 years.
May Allah bless us all and guide us throughout our afterschool life. Jgnlah ada antara kita (yes, You and I) yang dibolak balikkan hati. dipesongkan . Leaving Irshad doesn't mean we're leaving Islam. *Takut tengok exStudents yg ... * Nauzubillah~ takutnyaaa.

Kalau nk post photos sini may not be possible sbb BANYAAAK sangat. so if ur to view it,
I suggest tgk kat FB. (Nazirah ckp: Knapa xda org kata Frienster?) haha

Nanad, Naz, Madi, ramai lagi laa. dah upload. :D


SixTens Gala Night?


Dtg awal sikit for some preparation kot? ahahha. SEJUK GILA.
Gi solat jap. then buka majlis, sume.

So the theme was Urban Vintage. buut. i don't really think any of us (girls) get the theme right. ahahha. mostly baju kurung, n dresses. tp boys byk masuk la kan? senang.. heuheu.
lantaak la, asalkan ramai datang!! :)))

najla n syaq said mine was the sempoi-est, wakakaka. y? Wore stripey shirt annnnd a denim jubah inside. wakakak. nak wat camne the "jubah" was.. er. sleeveless. haha. So, i guess i was the only one without a girly dress (aliaa siap ckp "Caje! Awak matching ngan dorg!" pointing to the boys) .. and oh kejap, wafa wore t shirt!

Then. ada ucapan.. from Khalili as wakil Batch, Syahid as wakil ex-students (kita semua ex-studs tp dia kuar awal lagi) and Sir Said as wakil guru. Aiman, Afiq and Meon as the emcees. Seeeee. walaupun da lain skola. ... :))) once a member of sixtens, allwaays a member of sixtens.

Meon said : "Ke-Six-Ten-Rawr" while reading "K610RA" when it is actually pronounced as KEJORA. xD

Then ada slideshow presentation. Syihan made for the boys and I made for the girls. Farhana ckp sorg 15minit, so i realy took at most 11 minutes la, made 3 videos! haha ~.~
(P/s: Hopefully Syihan uploads dia punya video so all of us can replay! xD I'm uploading mine.)

Bila tengok balik video tu baru perasan some photos yg dorg wat lagak ngeri. ahaha *awin punya gambar, especially. ahhaha*
tce sala ckp "anak dara !" ahahah xD sorry win.

n then ada persembahan nasyid from Ain, Luqman, Yu n Amir. punya la penat INGATkot rekod, rupanya TAK REKOD. geraaaaaaaaaaam. SELALU JADI MACAM TU. punya la rekod dorg nyanyi, rekod setiap meja. =.= sekali x rekod. tp looking at the bright side, dpt rekod perbualan kat meja. annnd, "SAPA BELUM AMIK LAGI NOMBOR?" "WEY HARAM" hahahha . xD

-continue tomorrow with photos. tired oledi. :)- insyaAllah.


Monday, December 20, 2010


watching how Papa Jumba "brags" ...
reminds me of.... hahahaha. of... a girl in my class.... a friend of mine whom ive known since last year, n i tell you, to be with her, you have to bear her "cockiness" hahaha.

klik klik

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hari pertama seminar di USM.

SEMINAR PERBANDINGAN AGAMA. i can't believe i actually joined that two days after spm!!

ya Alllaaah. kecik gila diri ni T.T

banyaaaak sgt ilmu dapat hari ni.


but im not sure whether it's suitable or not nk tulis kat sini. my hand cannottt stop shaking bila dia tanya all those soalan that christians sll tanya nk kacau jiwa, iman, kita segalaa.

cite2 pasal murtad. ya Rabbbb, takutnya nak masuk U nnt!!!! :S

SO, if u wanna know the questions ke apa kan, tell me, i'll fb message u, insyaAllah.


g kenduri kakak jeng kawen. lawaaaaaaaaaaaaa gila the whole family. muka arab + mamak2. ya raab lawaaaaaaa. haha

pastu jumpa ramai gila irshadians, i mean, ex irshadians. xD

anyway, as expected, the cover that ive design was not accepted by cg yati. so, xkisah la. if u wanna see, tell me i'll tag.

sy penat. penat. penat.

salam alayk.

"SYAZA! AWAK XDE SETITIS PUN MUKA MELAYU KAT MUKA AWAK. " -adilla, disokong oleh farhana.
ayoooooooooooooooooo. dah kali keberapa daaaaaaaa. MAAAAK, tengok dorang. xcukup muka melayu lg ke? nk kne wat research asal usul keturunan nih dah tahap kritikal da org asyik ckp that thing ahahhahah.
n about my eye brow, TOLONG LAH FAHAM , XPERNAH DICUKUR. T.T .

pasal muka macam siam ke, arab ke cina ke apa ke, i don't really care asal cukup semua . tapii
sedih tau x org asyik tegur pasal kening T.T nasib baik kening yan pon mak ckp org selalu tegur, "rajinnnya mak dia sikat( ke ape tah word tu? yg nk bentuk kening masa baby.. tapi mak x buat la, org igt mak buat) kening...". HAHAH.


Ya Allah.
Saya bahagia :)
we'll get back to this later.


my after spm to do list.

[ ] assistant suri rumah tangga haha. (belum mula lagi ni x) )
[x] IRSHAD 2010 Front cover. DOOONNNE. alhamdulillah. i took the whole night after spm. xD
cuma xtau la cikgu approve ke idak.
[ ] hantar kak wawa's button badges
[ ] video/slideshow for last dinner. ON THE WAY
[ ] Lots n lots of new recipes to try xD
[ ] PLKN. =.=
[ ] Lesen
[ ] mandarin class
[ ] DinoTrek with Hafi, Bila n Aliaa
[ ] Girls Day Out with dearest penangite cousins Wani, Yani, Iman, Damia, Diana, Dina, Kak Nurul xpayah, duk kelantan elok2. ahahha xD
[ ] Photoshop class for Syabil =.= He's been bugging me to teach him. I will, lil brother, i will. explore la sendiri duluuuuuu. dia bukak tutorial photoshop pun yg susa2. =.= haha
[ ] Sleepover at Aliaa's Bila's or Hafi's or Mine
[ ] sleepover at Wafa's and bowling, jalan2 around SP
[ ] camps~!
[ ] Nak sambung taekwondo x? xD
[ ] g musafir ngan Adilla g Melaka, jumpa tce nani. xD
[ ] Baju batch (money&delivery)
[ ] habiskan all those novels
[ ] korean, japanese dramas!!
[ ] jd pinggangirl Along kawen. ok da terlebih list. xD

too many to be list. too many.



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