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ummu, course and mahal.. oh motor.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Salam Alayk.
First of all, boleh x nk buat statement kat sini?



Even though she got 11A's and has the right to technically apply to whatever courses she would love to and live happily ever after (ok, sementara tgu tawaran U).. and care not bout the world outside, she was caring enough to er, what do u say, DISCUSS bout MY (n others') future courses? *ok fine, she was the most curious friend of mine yg nk tau just what m i gonna take in the future* .. haha

may Allah bless you, all the very very very best in the future, may Allah ease every thing, may your dream to b a pharmacist bcome a reality n of course, may your dream wedding become a reality so that i can stop talking bout it, or maybe i can talk bout it even more..! bahahha.

i love my friends :D resmi padi belaka. x)

p/s: ni xde kaitan ngan post kat wall anis, tiada pembodekan sdg berlaku.haha

back to biz.


sy xtau nk buat apa lepas ni.
curses, i mean courses banyak sangat owh..! bila org kata tgk kat job prospects, i wouldnt really mind jadi housewife with a degree ke diploma ke whatever lah. *my mum is a housewife, mak Aliaa pun housewife, both educated , sorg computer science sorg business. . . in fact, ramai lg housewife yg berpelajaran. xde masalah pun kan? huu. ok ok, faham, org suh make full use of what we've gained. hm. tp still, i dont seee any problem. hehs.

So my first choice wud be architecture. abah suh amek.

"da besar nk jadi pelukis lah, abah."
"jadilah arkitek. ada lukis2 gak."
"xmo ah lukis garis2 je kalo jd arkitek"

ok abaikan fikiran x matang tatkala berusia 9 thn~ igt arkitek wat bangunan segi empat tepat je ke? *pssst. terpaksa tny mak "segi empat tepat 2-2 sisi sama ke 4-4?" nk differentiate square n rectangle. hahahaha. mak jwb "eiih. da brapa lama da x gi skola?"*

next course : Pengajian Islam dengan Sains. dgr masa kat usrah hari tu, interesting.
then mcm nk amek Screen Arts xpun SeniLukis&SeniReka. minat mmg minat. tapi, worth it kah?
mak ckp, abah dlu pun bukan tau engineering apa sume ni buat apa, dah amek baru tau. hmm. i can't seem to have enough faith.

then mcm bminat dgn pergigian. bahahah. aah.

anyway malas la nk bebel byk2. nnt bulan 9 we'll see where will i be heading.


Ni Aliaa cite. masa graduasi.

J - A boy, Y - A girl
[Bukan nama sebenar eh]

J pusing blakang n amek gambar, Y was there (nk dijadikan cite, org ckp J likes Y), dekat jugak la. then suddenly Y said..
"gambar ana sorang2 ke ramai2?"
"er. semua la."
"kalau gambar ana sorg, delete. kalau ramai2 xpe." -dengan tegasnya! bak kata Aliaa.
J was like, "er.." dgn muka innocentnya pelan2 tunjuk his phone dgn gambar yg amek tadi..
"er.. mcm ni.. boleh?" Y mmg ada, tp nmpk gak la the other girls, kata aliaa.

then Y said. "xpe la. ana kata kalau gambar ana sorg, DELETE. dah ramai2, xpe la."

BAHAH. I RESPECT U DEAR SISTER! TEGAS OWH DGN PRINSIP! *claps claps* dia sgt mahal, indeed. it shows. this is what we call "bila aku kata aku mahal, i mean it."

org lain eksaited nk amek lesen, im not. baaaah. esok g ngan Bila. Bila ckp kalo duit PLKN xmasuk lagi, dia amek moto je, kalo da masuk, maybe amek keter skali~

tu je kot. haha. salam alayk. (i stil havent continue blogging pasal aus n plkn eh. xD)


Sunday, March 27, 2011

para graduan berarak masuk dewan

yaa. itu diaa. xD graduates.
anyway, gambar wafa gegeyh sangat banyak, dan ada di hampir semua kamera. hahah

ni masa g raptai.pakai tshirt batch ramai2.
kinah, pjah, nim, awin.

wafa n wani.

ngan syafira n aa

mangsa culik : Sir Said
Sir Said came for our graduation n sume org was like "siiiir!" not me aa. xD sy cool. xD

mangsa culik : syamil
Sir ngan banin~

mangsa culik : lina
lepas jamuan para graduan. xD

mangsa culik : syamil
bergambo ngan cg hassan.

mangsa culik : rasyid
some of the boys

mangsa culik : rasyid
kesian dorg kawad time hujan lobat~ thank you...

So anyway, kalau dlu asyik tengok gambar senior kita graduate.
skang, kita dah graduate.
it had always been something that im waiting for, since form3 kot ..
teringin sangat nk jadi full time irshadian n graduate here!
a dream came true. =)

it's not about the procedures and protocols, it's about the sentimental value.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thank you, Harith. Somehow terharu.. ;')

So yeah, hari ni hari graduasi. the official day for us to leave this school.

5 years.

tarik nafas...

*baju x gosok lagi*


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tomorrow is the day.
i mean,
in less than 9 hours.

it's the results, people. the results.

So SPM may be important for a period of time, but it's not everything, it's not the end of the world. Whatever happens, happens. Do pray for us.

I can't think of proper sentences , so the short post.
--- wait. i think im gonna write some more.

Bila dah habis SPM, tetiba rasa mcm nak selak balik je semua buku2 sekola and actually STUDY. nyesal x study btol2? pfftt. it's too late for that.

Utk pkul 10 kang, I can only pray for the best.
Kalau ok, Alhamdulillah mohon dijauhkan dari riak n takabbur n ujub.
Kalau xmencapai sasaran (do i even have a target?), xpe la, moga dikuatkan semangat n tak cepat putus asa.

im not really putting high hopes like some people are, for i hate disappointment.
i think i can handle it; whatever the outcome will be, for i know He knows best.
Jawab pun jawab dah, the result is already there, waiting to be handed to us.
Faiza azamta, fatawakkal 'alallah =)

Things I missed out, Permata..?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Salam Alayk. These are the things that I missed out, thanks to PLKN. hahaha (oh yeah i still don't feel like blogging bout plkn n australia right now. will blog, though)

#1 - AWESOME MALAYSIAN VLOGGERS. (Found IniAnwarHadi by accident days b4 i went back to plkn), oh n Matluthfi90 publicized his videos! When his HARI IBU video spreads, i personally think it was a shame for other people not getting the chance to view his other vids which can make u laugh too. but worry no more, sume bleh tgk dah. haha.. OHH,wujud pendengki Vloggers (in this case IniAnwarHadi n matluthfi90)
people are comparing, and some even said bad things. haish~

i do not know. walaupun ada bilik rehat, ada tv, xtempted pun nk tengok. habis rollcall pukul 10 lebih, straight away tukar baju, gosok gigi, amik wudu, n all that, siap utk tido n bangun the next day~ n dorg kata ada Asmara 2??? hahah. *anyway i still think Hani mcm nk ikut cite 1Litre of Tears.

#3 - Rusuhan kat Mesir
guess what, i only knew bout it bila balik utk chinese new year.

#4 - Tsunami in Japan. ni pun tau sbb mak msej. kalau x? anyway, I pray the very best for us all.

#5 - Friends. Aliaa went to KL for scholarship interview, Adilla being a KAFA teacher in SKSD, Yu went to syria for studies, Afiq posted a link that says we need to update our matric form before 6th of march AND by the time i knew, it was 4/3/2011. haha~

#6 - This rebecca black n friday song.

she's just making herself looking like a fool when everybody around the world doubts the fact that she actually passed through the industry.
Like seriously, i only heard about her thru a radio (92.9 fm) in aus, they keep making fun of her and they make somewhat remix of this song BUT ask 65yo lady(kot?) sings it, and people love the latter more. "It's very funny, way better than the Friday song" -a caller.

well anyway. i wanna share something ... er, WEIRD AND BIZZARE.

reminds me of what Ustaz Noh (I bliv his name is Asyraf) said bout other religions bliv that the end of the world would be next year. n they're making a business out of it?
A very good friend of mine weirdly said "Caje, lagu Permata yang Dicari, aku dedicate khas utk hang" thru the phone few days ago.. ok, almost a week.

which, was really weird. Then I figured something out .. she's in love. hahaha. ok ok, she's interested in someone, actually.
Dear *, if ur reading this, hold on tight, kte igt lagi, masa 2007, ustazah najihah pernah ckp apa nk buat kalau kita suka dkt org?

She said, baca doa, baca fatihah, n doa, kalau betul dia untuk kita n kita utk dia, dekatkan hati kita dengan dia. kalau bukan, mohon dibuang perasaan tu. Or so as i remember. kalau salah, betulkan eh.
We're 18 now dear, anything can happen anytime. I pray all the best for you. =) Never take the wrong path, ok? i love you, uhibbuki fillah.

"Menjadi yang solehah dalam mencari yang soleh"

oh ho ho ho.
kurniakan yg terbaik buat kami.
i pray us ALL THE BEST n let's not fight with what's destined. let's not bewitched by those "what if"s n "will i"s, n let's just stick with "whatever happens, happens." insyaAllah, He already planned the best for us all; insyaAllah. amiin.
Kalau cepat Dia makbulkan doamu, maka Dia sayangkanmu.
Kalau lambat doamu dimakbulkan, maka Dia ingin mengujimu.
Kalau doamu tidak dimakbulkan, maka sesungguhnya
Dia sedang merancang sesuatu yang lebih baik buatmu.
Just keep on praying.
God, im still scared. haha.

He knows.

Friday, March 18, 2011


erm. for this coming result day, i pray us ALL THE BEST n let's not fight with what's destined. let's not bewitched by those "what if"s n "will i"s, n let's just stick with "whatever happens, happens." insyaAllah, He already planned the best for us all; insyaAllah. amiin.

Kalau cepat Dia makbulkan doamu, maka Dia sayangkanmu.

Kalau lambat doamu dimakbulkan, maka Dia ingin mengujimu.

Kalau doamu tidak dimakbulkan, maka sesungguhnya

Dia sedang merancang sesuatu yang lebih baik buatmu.

Just keep on praying.

God, im still scared. haha.

---------SIARAN ULANGAN-------

ari tu masa result SPM kuar, ramai la form 5 dtg kan, tudung macam2 fesyen p0n ada lah.

sekali tiba2 ternampk sorg akk ni, pakai selendang yannng.....
xbrani nk ckp lebih2 la kan.

then aina ckp..

"Tah2 caje pakai cmtu pe masa amek result nnt"


Aina! don't play play. this is not impossible!

i mean, i've always been thinking.
what if.. what if.. what if..

satu hari nnt [nauzubillah] ditakdirkan tudung hilang tah ke mana. NAUZUBILLAH. NAUZUBILLAH. ya allaaah. takoott.
Allah, please protect us ya Allah.

bila aina ckp mcm tu, i had this sudden fear. the "what if"s terngiang2 kat kepala.

bkn hal tudung je. hal akidah etc. ya Allah, sunggoh la hidayah mmg milik Allah. please, o allah please guide us. dont let us go astray. ameeeen.
right now i'm dead scared ngan pemikiran satu organisasi yg kononnya memperjuangkan hak wanita islam di malaysia when THOUSANDS OF US are actually going against them!

huuu. pastu ada cdgn nk buat Brothers in Islam plak. HAH? ya Allah what's happening. PENING! huhu

i can't believe y some people actually think they are better than God in making rules and regulation. God made us. not the other way round!

Look, even the satans believe that Allah is the one and only God. EVEN THEY KNOW they don't have anything vis-a-vis Allah. They are just doing their job, to make us go off the track. janganla, please la jangan buat benda macam xde tuhan!

"this is my life. suck it up..i do whatever i want"
"this is my blog, lantak la kan"
"bia la. kubur nnt lain2, xyah sibuk"

looking at people debating, trying their best to uphold Islam really makes me feel way down. I mean, WHO AM I? WHAT CAN I DO?
masalah kat skolah p0n takat cegah dgn hati, slemah2 iman... ni kan dgn skop yg lebih luas.
diri sniri p0n terhuyung-hayang.
sometimes, it comes to my mind that,
"Syaza. Ko blaja debating. ko blaja public speaking. apa niat sebenar? nawaitu? ada tak sikit dalam hati tu "aku masuk debate ni sbb aku nk dpt ilmu n keyakinan so that satu hari nanti aku leh berdakwah thru this." ADA TAK??"


i must prove it.
WE must prove it.

yes, islam is ad-Din. DO IT NOW.

WA =)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Salam Alaykk.
I'm currently in a place where I see everyone looks like a superhot superstar!! hahaha. sume segak2. :P even yg keje buat jalan, kje kat zoo, some random pedestrians. . . etc. ahaha. seriously.

I'm very very very far away from home right now, even FB didnt believe me =.=
*but im not in NSW, im in Western Australia.. PERTH.
Allright, whenever i said im in Perth, people would react

"nak jumpa matluthfi ke?"
or something like that.

i was like... haaaaaaaa? mcm la dia sorg je duk kat perth. hahaha. but it can be true, anyway. Along suh kim salam~ *syabil din believe that guy he watches on youtube every single day (HAFAL SKRIP, I TELL U) is his brother's own best friend back in ikups.* =.= He was sooo excited bila Mak ckp Along suh g kim salam kat dia, but sorry to say lah dear brother, i don't think mak n abah nk bwk g jumpa dia, Along xde, nk sembang gapo? hahah.

I really dislike going places where they use toilet papers to wipe youuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrr............ tooshies... it's either u bring along a bottle of water (or more) for washing purpose OR look out for the nearest masjid, WHIICH, can be really tough.

talking bout masjid! haaa. kan org kata, kalo nk cari org baik2, cari kat masjid. it's true indeed.
we met one very nice guy, nama dia Christ apa tah, Christ Ayyoub kot?? (is it?), dia bagi pinjam phone charger dia, he gave us booklet pasal restoren2 halal kat sini, pusat pengajian islam, butik2 utk muslimah etc. . Mohammedan Mosque kalo x silap. n yes, SANGAT TENANG.
INFO : kat sini waktu dia sama, i mean, kalo malaysia kol 10, sini pun kol 10, tp masuk waktu awal sejam. kalau malaysia zohor kol 1.30, sini zohor 12.30.

as far as i can see, dorg ada etika kerja yg bagos.
kastam dia STRICT GILA.
here's a funny (ok la, xde la funny mana) experience we had.
dorg wat keje mmg teliti gila, we cannot bring FOOD in, tp ktorg ada bawak maggi, n i have oreos, kit kat, raisins, etc in my bag. . . then nmpk la ada org kena punggah beg dorg, ada yg bawak balik alas periuk dari msia, yg mcm tikar mengkuang tu, smaller version, dorg ketuk2 menda alah tu, check ada apa2 jatuh tak, drugs ke apa kan. haha. ada yg beg berbalut2 pun dorg kena bukak gak sbb scan ada makanan kot.

n then i said "mcm mana ni? dia amek la sume?"
mak ckp "baca2 la sikit. mintak2 dia xsuruh bukak langsung, dia suh jalan je"

i WAS about to UNDERESTIMATE that, i mean, xkan la dlm keadaan mcm ni tetiba kita je dia x check. but then i reminded myself, NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF DUAA. baca la doa bg Allah permudah segala2nya kan. allahumma la sahla illa ma jaaltahu sahla~~~

guess what? WE PASSED ! we told her we brought instant noodles and she said "oh that's fine"..n then scan semua beg ...pastu dia ckp "i reckon everything's clear, you're off to go."

g amek kete sewa~ sini pagi dia sejuk. about 20deg, tapi tengahari panas. awan dia sikit kot~ n skang spring, lepas ni baru summer~ nape la x gi masa winter. hahaha. but harap2 dapat g taman2 bunga dah alang2 spring ni, i know i don't really fancy flowers, but they are pretty especially jenis tanam2 dlm taman. haha

so td da g wildlife park.. ada pakcik yg jaga tu greeted "SELAMAT PAGI".. terkejut mula2 dgr sbb xbrapa clear *slang dorg kan. ahha*
n then masa amek gamba, he said "satu, dua... GILA" hahahhaha. i have no idea sama ada dia main2 or mmg somebody taught him that. haha

btw, bila gtau ktorang dari penang, they were most likely to respond "uu, lovely".. *bunyi cengkerik. carik apa yg lovely kat penang.....*
ha, kat carpark tadi jumpa Malaysian couple, husband n wife, dia tegur abah,

"dari mana?"

"sama la kita.bila balik?"
"xlama, sabtu nk balik dah"
"kami pun sabtu .."

"penang blah mana?"
"km dr kepala batas"
"kami pun dr kpala batas"
"ha, kami, kawasan restoran ikan bakaq bla bla bla"

HAHA. kat Malaysia xpernah nk jumpa. haha

byk kot nk cte. anyway, tce nani slamat lahirkan anak pompuan. weeeeeeeee. haha

oh well, gtg. forgive everyone, have a very good night. salam alayk :)

P/S: I have plenty of decent souvenirs, if u guys want. xD

It ended.. FOR GOOD.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Salam Alayk.
Ya Allah pejam celik pejam celik pejam celik. PLKN ENDED SUCCESSFULLY!

So I thought of blogging soooo many times WHEN there was not even a single chance of access to the internet (let alone the presence of a computer), but when i got home, .... you know what i mean, it's the M word. bahah.

I'm currently waiting for our flight to a destination........................ which is about 2 MORE HOURS, n i've been waiting here SINCE 4.45 PM. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. PENANTIAN SATU PENYEKSAAN.

aaanyway, i met TK here! she was with her family, all ready to board the plane, but i managed to approach her for a few seconds laah. ayyo, mana sempat . rush hours, people, rush hours.

PLKN WAS OK. Although I lost 10kilos, i guess it shows no visible changes for syabil said "mesti akk ponteng byk kelas ni, x kurus pon." CHEEEETTT. WHAT DO U EXPECT? hahahaha. well, he did say something b4 i left for plkn ,


sheesssssh. what a brother.

Bad thing was, we din get to do Flying Fox, it was toooo fast that the teachers said it would be dangerous. but still, we did abseiling.

Ohh. I din join WiraJaya, sad thing. My head was really dizzy (until now i din know what actually happened . xpernah dpt rasa mcm mana PENING, n yeah, duk kat plkn, sume benda yg kte x pernah experience, jadi. huuu.) the other day, and I fell down, hurt my legs... masa subuh~~ Cikgu Aini ckp "kamu xyah pergi la, kamu duduk sini. " huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~
xdapek masak dalam hutan. what a loss.

Then we had Malam Anugerah Sukan & Kesenian, Malam Seribu Kenangan n Malam Bersama Kompeni.
Nnt la cite lanjut2.

Kat sini ada clones.
Ada klon suara, klon gaya, klon 2-2, klon lah!

Klon Najihah Zaki, style ckp, suara, 88% sama !! - Hanim.

Ha! ada sorg ni, somewhat chinese looking, he can speak in chinese, n i THOUGHT he's chinese until he said his name is.. SYAFIQ. Bila dia ckp, athirah told me he sounds like Yu, o yeah, 100% SAMA KOT. sebijik ooh. Scary.

Klon Tasha pun ada . Nama dia Fatin Anis Najwa, our ketua wirawati Bravo. but, Tasha is the sweeter version lahh. Kalau Natasha As-Sakinah kita x pernah dengar dia gelak gila gila punya kuar, this girl yg ktorg panggil JuA, ratu gelak kot. haha. Kte rasa the only time she would shut her mouth is masa tidur. ahha. spesis byk ckp, xpe2, meriah la sket.

Then we have klon Afiq Azizi. ahhaha. but but but, he's chinese, Low Jia Wei.. mula2 tengok mcm xdpt recall dia ni gaya macam sape, then tetiba teringat, "trah, that guy gaya dia mcm afiq kan?" "a'a, ada sikit". BAHAH. i was not wrong. xD Zawani ckp ada sorg lagi, Izzat kot nama dia. tp tu klon muka je la, sikit2. gaya xtau la, xpernah dpt kenal.

klon Papat! Trah yg perasan dulu, Azureen. yg paling slumber. mmg mcm papat, not the face, but how she behaves, reminds me of Papat. NO NO, i think it's a combination of Zun n Papat. (when i told trah this, she laughed out loud, that's what u wud do if u imagine Papat n Zun combine as a single person. ahhahah)

aish. byk lagi nk cite. soon to come, with photos kalo rajin.

Anyway, duk kat plkn mmg x tau dunia luar kalau xde sape bagitau, or kalo x log in fb.

Well, doakan we'll have a safe journey, pergi n balik. Im currently SITTING ON THE FLOOR kat terminal ni ha, blogging.

Result dah dekat, anyway.

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