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lonely weekends.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Assalamualaikum. Nasib duk jauh2, xdapek nk balik tiap2 minggu. i don't really enjoy hours of travelling, really. I often opt for the shortest trip.

"so caje. cmna? balik naik bas ka naik flight?" - zati mus
"bas...........5 jam kot. da boleh siap GC n sketch task kot" HAHAHAHHA. penangan Graphic Communication. I, NUR SYAZADIYANAH BINTI SURAINI, hereby declare that GC no longer stand for Graphic Communication, it stands for Gone Crazy. baaahhh. spending hours n hourssss on a sheeeeet of paper that carries one mark. ONE BLOODY MARK (which is really important , btw.)

i've used more than one art block so far, which basically means i've used 20++ pieces of drawing paper for re-doing of appendix. . . kalau dulu nk guna 1 helai pun mcm takut2 je, now? silap sikit, NEW ONE. baaah.

but then again, who am i to complain?
I often calm myself by saying "it's ok syaza. this is what i want. this is what i want"... at least i don't have to read a lot of scientific facts and memorize them. i don't really have to deal with numbers. which just have to mean, i've put aside my longest lasting ambitions and pursuing something i never thought i wud actually be doing it. something that my father did see.

not to forget that i have big room, big table, big studio etc etc. nikmat yg Allah bg lebih banyak. no need for complaints.

Anyway, my studio is kinda cool, it's the people in it that makes it how it is, anyway. The lecturers and studio-mates. we'd have tazkirah while doing our works, releasing the tense n all that.

oh. lari tajuk. lonely weekends.
roommates mmg tiap2 minggu balik, however, Izni ada kem Brainwash Tentang Negara (mine would be next weekends) and Naadhirah, she went home last Tuesday if im not mistaken, because of gastric. Syafakillah, Naadhirah.
tapi salunya Bella would come n accompany me. ;D

Some are going to KLCC for that ARCHIDEX thingy, some are going to gombak for KAED Heritage thingy~ I am aware (and paranoid) of the assignments that I m currently having.

therefore the blog post shall stop here. now. ya. here. erh. bye.

*oh post yg xbawak kebaikan kpd ummat*

"Mak, kakak x balik ke minggu ni?" -mairak
"nanti la, nnt kita gi tengok kakak." - makcik haniza
"kakak aja ade x, mak?" - mairak

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