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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

things happen.

of this and that.

Friday, September 2, 2011


Well, the past few months really taught me a lot, n i mean it, A LOT.

Sedih sebab I have to give up things that I love doing. . .

Ada banyak sangat nak cerita but I do not know how to organize things.
I'll try.

First off; My new life.
Baaah. sounds so typical. New life la sangat.
Well. my biological clock goes offfff. but at least i do sleep, just on the other side of the day... er.. night? er. whatever. I pity those who didnt get to sleep for days!!
As for me, I do not favour staying up late or even staying up the whole night. Cuz it's just gonna be the same. Kalau tidur malam, x tidur siang. Tak tidur malam, tidur siang. Ya yaa. teruk ann. ;D .. My roommate said "Syaza, org cakap buat GC sampai tak tidur2.. tapi kte tengok syaza, tidur je. AWAL pulak tu. pukul 11 da tidur~"
weeeelll. thaaat, was awal2 dlu. When things are under control! bahahha. but I do advice, never do your work at the very last minute if u don't want to suffer. biar lah jadi org paling semangat nk siapkan GC pun ~~ lalala ~ ENJOY YOUR FINAL CHANCE TO GET SLEEP BEFORE THINGS GET WORSE.

awal2 mmg banyak kena REDO, tp u don't have to stay up if u can finish earlier. mmg boleh tension dengan REDO REDO REDO, sampai last2 u can only REDHO with your last and shall be your best try.

i think my worst staying up experience so far is doing the bloody architectural lettering exercises, or should i say archiTORTURAL LITTERing exercises???? KITA NI TULISAN DOKTOR, NK SURUH TULIS MACAM KOMPUTER? GUNA SET SQUARE BAGAI.

I ended up getting late for my FIM class, WHICH I WAS SUPPOSE TO PRESENT THE NEXT MORNING. HALF-AN-HOUR-LATTTTEEE I TELL YOU, FOR A LESS THAN ONE HOUR CLASS. as soon as i arrived, Madam called my name , i didnt even get to have proper breathing and and and as I was done with the presentation, the class ENDED. Earlier that morning, while they were waiting for me, Madam asked the group which SUPPOSEDLY was to present after me, to present first. MALU GILA. (Alhamdulillah got Madam Salina~ i love her)

Next was the A2-sized project. at first it seemed so big, skang bila tengok balik, "xde la besar mana saiz A2".... manusia.. haiiish. it's double A3, and A3 is double A4, therefore it's 4 times A4.. A1 is slightly bigger than A2. Stayed up at 129 with zaty mus n aa. the irshAEDs :)) it was craaaazy. but we managed to go through, alhamdulillah.

After the black and white weeks, come the colours. me no likey . me no have talents. me hate colouring. me wanna go back home. me wanna cry.
It seems like im the only one without talent to colour in my studio! some red berries look more like KACANG MERAH. horrible first try.
that was using colour pencils. Charchoal was okay i guess. Then PASTEL. soft pastel, bukan oil pastel. ERRGH. KESAAAT. MCM BOLEH BUAT ISTINJAK. got dust some more, kalo bersih lagi suci mmg lebih dr cukup utk tayamum. i pity Aa n Zaty for they have to deal with the dust.. (skin issue)..

HA! kalau dulu tengok warna PUTIH macam TAK PATUT DICIPTA, my white colour pencil is the shortest, and so does my white pastel. and I squeezed most, the white pigment from the watercolour tube.

ya. saiz sekecik ni tapi harga mencekik mengajarku utk berjimat cermat.

our GC assignment yg kena bawak balik rumah is product rendering and mixed-media and sketch-task.
I think the killer subject is this GC subject. tp lecturers mmg memahami sbb they teach GC too meehhh, except for the U-required courses (Arabic, English, FIM, ISM, ..)
"I tau u all sume bz dgn GC kan, jadi I lepaskan u all awal lah hari ni.." - Madam Ros. (Maths)
"maybe U can get some ideas from today's lecture for your GC" - Bro Amir (Int. to Built Envi or IBE)
kalau esok submission day, masa arab x blaja sgt, ustaz byk bcerita~ kalau kelas2 lepas submission, n the students sume mamai je dlm kelas, faham2 je la. sume nk qadha tidur. hahaha

... feels like we're only taking GC for architecture....... tu yg buat org igt keje ktorng LUKIS JE. JE . JE. JE. JE??? die. die. die.

enough ramblings bout GC.

I like FIM-RIM.. Religions in Malaysia. we get to learn bout other religions. like, seriously. They took out Judaism from the syllabus, anyway. But still, we've finished on Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Islam. After raya, we'll be covering Christianity. wuu. Lecturers from the IRKHS (Ilmu wahyu) are all very prominent in terms of the use of english vocabulary, and arabic OFKOS.

we went to a forum .. Islam as Ad-Din .. ada Bro Lim Jooi Soon (Former Buddhist and Christian) and Ust Fitri Abdullah (Former Hindu) jadi panels, and Sifu Nasir (A revert too) as the moderator. very enriching. very.

i got work.

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