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Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Abah tak habis kerja lagi ni.. xjadi balik hari ni."

huuu. melepas souq arab.
Selasa daftar, selasa lah g KL..
then jumaat balik for raya haji pulak. haiyo~

jumaat xde kelasss.........

anyway, bukak tv

TERsenyum sorang2 depan tv, reminds me of something.

masalah jugak kan bila pipi ada natural blusher.. T.T
malu pun merah.
marah pun merah.


Saturday, October 29, 2011


Saturday, October 22, 2011



"er.. nak tanya, yg css tu apa?"

"course summary slip"
*cet, tau la, org x tny dia abbreviation utk apa*

"er, sume kena amek ke?"

"pre-graduating students"

"er... maksudnya?" *nyampah tol term2 ni. x khatam lagi. tah mende la kalo dorg wat announcement, tgh address kat spe pon i can get very confused...*

"only if u are graduating this semester"

" ooo. ok. terima kasih."

"you're welcome"

*jumpa wani.*

"Wani, tadi kan, aja tanya pakcik kat situ kan, (DOSP Counter) hahha. klaka owh. aja tanya bm dia jawab bi. kan aja cakap aja guna english time desperate je."

*wani drags me to the counter*

*shows me the sign*


pffft. padanlah. hahahaha. buek malu den yo~ macam ayam bsembang ngan itik.

they put up signs every where. sori saya xreti speaking. =D

n we're just starting

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

From what I'd experienced, understand, learned and heard form my seniors,
You must have interest (I'm sure you have this), be 100% committed, have passion and constantly creative if you want to study architecture.

Many students QUITED and changed course half way because they think that the course doesn't suit them.
The lifestyle you have when you're studying architecture is very much the same as you'll have in the future when you work.

The lifestyle of an architecture student:
- Must be constantly creative and inspired
- Have to stay up late at night just to finish the project or worst, NO SLEEP for 24hrs.
- Hectic life, hardly you'll have time to spend on other things.
- You'll always stick to your course mates and hardly you will get to know people from other courses because you'll be busying with your coursework
- Able to cope with stress, pressure and fatigue.
- Able to accept criticism from professionals - lecturers, which are architects themselves.
- Have projects and presentation almost every week.
- Able to accept bad grades. It's not easy to get A in architecture although you're good at it,
because architecture is a very abstract and subjective field, lecturers usually give a maximum of grade B and hardly they'll give A.
- Something you might think is nice, but others might think it's crap.
- Something which is right can be twist and turn to wrong. This is what architecture is.
- and these will be more of less the same when you work in the future

bold the statements which i find true. OH WAIT. I JUST BOLD EVERYTHING.

here's another good one i find too. it's quite long. u have to scroll every box..

-your roommates say "good morning," and you reply "good night."

-you carry a toothbrush in your backpack.

-someone asks you for your phone number and you give them the studios.

-you start to use ur studio desk as ur bed.

-You total up 3 meals of the day to your breakfast.

-Red Bull's is you favorite drink.

-when its time for your birthday, you ask ur parents for architecture supplies.

-you also ask for a sleeping bag

-you have 4 or more cups of double shot coffee espressos in one night .

-you hear the same song on the radio 7 or more times in one night.

-You know the different taste and smell between UHU and Pritt glue.

-You can stay alive without sunlight, communicating with people nor having foods but you would commit suicide if the plotter doesn't plot your work right.

-You've lost your house key and u realized week later.

-you sleep more than 16 hrs at weekends

-u dance madly at 3 am when everyone's asleep.

-you keep ur drafting pen or kure with u at all times.

-You are an expert and Photoshop, auto cad but u don't know how to use MS excel.

-you've got 4 subjects / day but u got to study it everytime. (drawing comes first)

-you spend more time in studio than in your own bed.

-your parents are complaining that you're not having enough fun.

-you only leave studio to buy supplies.

-you haven't taken a shower in a week (hehe)

-you see showering as a waste of time.

-you've ever dreamt about your models

-you always finish ur work last minute.

-upon hearing 'supermodel', you think of a nicely crafted-foam core model.

-your parents have more of a social life than you.

-your 12-year-old sister has more of a social life than you.

-you consider using brocolli for your models. (as trees)

-you enjoy hanging out at the library.

-you know all the 24-hour food places in the area.

-your friends get more sleep in one night than you do in one week.

-You consider 3AM an early night.

-when you are out at 3AM, ur roomates knows where u'll be.

-everything you eat comes in single serving baggies.

-you're out on Friday nights in studio.

-the only building on campus with its lights on is your studios. (and the pak guards torch light ronggeng2).

-you lock ur studio when u see any blue dressed guard browsing arounf ur faculty.

-u know which guard is evil and nice.

-u fell in love with ur pens.

-hoping to hop on ur bed although u know u cant.

-plays dota and facebook-ing when ure feeling pressured

-you say "It's only midnight- I have plenty of time to finish."

-you got confuse between sunrise with sunset.

-you ask what time it is, then ask "AM or PM?"

-you strangle your roommate because she said she stayed up late studying.

-you slice your finger, and the first thing you think of is if you'll be able to finish your model.

-you understand why architects have glasses and white hair.

-You call some great architects as if they are you friends.

-you know all of these things i wrote are true, no exaggerations.

-you can listen to all your CD's in one night.

-certain songs remind you of studio.

-you change the style of music to country coz u r fed up with ROCK.

-Sister's favorite brand names are Prada DNKY. But yours are Artline, rotring, alpha.

-you dare not to have a gf/bf coz no one can accept for what u are.

-you can conceptually compose the food on your plate.

-you think the 'Weekender' happens every weekend.

-upon hearing 'Weekends' you think of sleep.

-you have to wait for breakfast shops to open.

-you go to the food shop, and order the "usual", and they understand.

-you use architecture tools to eat.

-you wake up to go to school and you're already there.

-you start wearing all black.

-you have no life, and admit it.

-you start to critique a radio selection's of songs.

-you bring your friends to studio to keep you company.

-you refer to outside studio as the "Real World.".

-you confuse today and tomorrow.

-you tell time by when other people leave studio.

-you hear "Didn't you wear that yesterday?' followed by "and the day before that?".

-you roommate files a Missing Person Report.

-you count the number of days (not hours) you've been awake.

-you think days are 48 hours long.

-you start using words your instructor uses.

-your bed has collected a layer of dust on it.

-concept of time is not forward, but a countdown from the time a project is due.

-you contemplate suicide 3 times a day.

-you contemplate dropping your major 3 times a day.

-you have a tent pitched in studio, but still don't go to sleep.

-doing models all night long excites you.

-you know the people in the studio better then your roommates.

-Elmer's glue doesn't dry quick -- not even close.

-They know the number and price of their favorite item in the snack machine downstairs, as well as every other item and all the drinks in the other two machines.

-they believe they should be paid just for having the major.

-you drink and eat more in studio than you do when you're out.

-you don't find out who wins the ur favourite football match until Hari Raya, if you get one at all.

-youre lazy to go to english because u know ure already good at it.

-you know uhu gum is not for polystyrene.

-when you tell people your major, it's "architorture".

-U can't draw without listening to music!.

-when people tell you that they like walking around with you because you see things know one else does.

-when people suddenly show interest to u because u wear an architecture t-shirt outside.

-when someone says "cool" and you think of Rem Koolhaas.

-When you're not sure what day of the week it is.

-When you have slept straight through a day and into the next day after a final review.

-When lack of sleep makes you feel and act as if you are high.

-When any flat surface is seen as a place to take a nap.

-When a relationship with an upperclassman seems like a good idea because they might be able to help you on your project.

-When a relationship with an underclassman seems like a good idea because their final review is before yours and therefore, they can help you produce once they are finished.

-When the books that you read consist primarily of photographs and not so much of words.

-When you have to ask your fellow architects to give you wake up calls.

-When you have three or more alarm clocks in your room.

-When cutting yourself with a cutter seems like a good idea because it will give you an excuse for not having finished your work.

-When you go to studio and spend more time socializing than doing work.

-When you are big enough to tell a critique that they are wrong.

-When everyone in studio hates you because you are the one who plays their music too loudly.

-When after playing your music too loudly the same people who hated you start to take interest in your music.

-when the people in the studio starts to build an internet group to play games together.

-When professors for courses outside of the architecture school are lenient once they are aware you are an architecture student.

-When you tell someone in another school that you are architecture major and they automatically assume you have no social life.

-When you have a non architect friend who wants to tag along to architecture parties because they know that architects have the best parties.

-When you have a sign taped to your back that says do not disturb unless you are ordering food.

-You try to do things to make your friend laugh while he is presenting. (dengki)

-when u ask ur friends for help, they turn the table around and ask urs.

p/s: proudly to say, all im saying here is true.

Taken from: Maliha Ramlan, UiTM Perak Seri Iskandar student, AP213

haha. u know, i spent a lot, i mean A LOT of time with Aa n Zaty. hahahha macam x berkembang je sesama irshad. balalala. ukhwah, ukhwah. haahh.

there's this one time Zaty said:

"Sem 3 nnt bg bilik AED, tak payah ada katil. tdo atas lantai ." *NOTE: with very pekat loghat utagha, ofkos.

HAHAH. u wanna know whyyy? cuz our work place is gonna be in a complete, MESS. DISASTER. *note : sem 3 is the time where we'll start making models.
sem 1 pun dah biasa tidur atas lantai, apatah lagi sem 3.
tidur bermacam gaya siap. gaya berlagak, gaya bersila, gaya tangan stippling sambil memegang invisible unipin pens. ek hem. paham2 seniri ye siapa2 yg berkenaan. hahaha

But the completion of a project, and getting a good grade from it is the best feeling ever.

but of course, there are the good sides of it. i wouldn't want to list them down just yet. let's enjoy the bad sides of architorture first. besides, we're just starting, ey?? BAAAAru asasi. xD

it's funny eh reading contengan jalanan, part I where I actually giggled at what Hlovate wrote, cuz it's actually true.

and i believe every course has it's own story n tales behind. ;)


Monday, October 10, 2011

Syabil got himself this thing.

Kakak got back from UIA.

Held the bird and ready to aim.


boom! and of it went to .. adik.

hahahaha. home sweet home.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

listening to joe brooks ..

guitar skills.
soft voice.

no words to describe.

please dont get too famous just yet~ waaah. im being selfish. bahah.

Alahai comelnyaaa!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

So Mak n Abah just got back from kenduri .. kat sungai dua. yeah, back where Billy n I were neighbours. bahaha.

so anyway, Mak said there's a letter for me, sent to our old address. I was like, "Surat rasmi ke apa?"
"tak lah. surat cinte."


so anyway, the letter. yeah. the letter. COOMMEEEY NYAA LAAA. GOT A PENPAL WHO'S 11 YO. bahaha.

alahai tah dari majalah ASUH ke KUNTUM ke dr tahun berapa lahhh dia kutip. . .

kalo x balas, tsk tsk. ayat dia "Yang berharap, Syamimi"

Mak : tah2 dia nak berkenalan ngan adik tuuu. saje hantar surat kat kakak.

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