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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memang cari pasal dengan orang. 2 tahun x balas. hahaha

oh btw.

been designing this button badge for juniors. asma said it was the best debating experience for her so she'd love to make a button badge. :) Rasa mcm English Department and Irshadians on the whole dah makin sll buat button badges. utk macam2 event n jawatan dah, rasanya. Am i the one bringing the fever? hahaha

oh and adik2 form3 mintak tolong design tshirt batch dorng.. this is not final, lps dah bincang2 ada nk tambah benda2 lain lagi, change of colours etc .. xkisah pun sbb dah lama x buat menda2 alah ni.. skill dah tumpul.. i seriously prefer 'client' yang byk songeh daripada yg ckp 'i'll leave everything to you'...boleh pecah kepala nk start from scratch. hahah.

Nina no more.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Almost all of my friends know me as the girl who does video-hopping, a lot, and i mean it, a lot.
ive watched a lot of things,
from documentary to vlogs, songs of all genres, especially song covers,
video ilmiah dan tarbiah as well as video yg bengong dan makes me feel stupid for watching it over and over again. oh note: i dont watch porn, if i need to state..
watching tutorials to learn things (photoshop, hijab n make ups (though i do not apply, suka tgk before n after hahaha)) , cooking shows! etc. short films and even movies.. ok cukup la kot, paham la kot. :D

So one of those channels that i follow is youtube/geofg.. ada budak mix jepun + american yang sangat lah comelllll. hahaha. the father uploaded her videos for the sake of showing it to Nina's american family. but then it got famous and thousands and thousands of people start following, including me. :D

i remember watching Nina with my youngest brother, we would wait for new videos to come and all that.

but then came plkn n pre-university life. xde masa nk duk berjam2 dpn komputer tgk hidup org. :P
pastu semalam syabil tetiba ckp mcm "Nina xde video baru ke, akak?" Baru teringat nak bukak balik, and tengok2 latest video uploaded is this one up here, with a very long description.

Terfikir jugak sampai bila dorg akan post video pasal nina? nina dah besar nnt suka ke x dgn apa yg parents dia buat?

there it is. we won't be seeing Nina anymore.. :(
but i enjoyed her cuteness, and her spontaneous, sincere response, as well as seeing a great parenting.
enjoyed every video..

Goodbye, nina. ceh mcm dia kenal je.
read here for a proper review :P


Saturday, May 26, 2012

sprayed. on a trash bin. tong sampah ini boleh didapati di sekitar blok studio,
cfs iium, petaling jaya, selangor.


partners in crime.
we are of different studios, tp akn bertemu di kala projek2 bermula di level 3.
dah tulis esei pendek utk setiap sorang,
tapi when i come to think about it,
biarlah save dlm draft je.
shazmiera,zaty,izni,naadhirah, *xde gmb fatin.

ye, kawan saya kat cfs sume pompuan. if a guy ever says hi to me in public,
he must've been an irshadian. hahaha

"Saya percaya, suami chaje nnt sorg lelaki yang sangat baik."
"tau2, sbb kte baik kan.. Allah janji pompuan baik utk laki baik.." *nada perasan, note please.
"tak2. selalu org ckp dia kena bertentangan. awak jahat sgt.."


"Mak, Ayu cakap kalau dia datang penang, dia singgah la kot.. dia ada cuzzin kat sini.."
"Datang ngan sape?"
"Family dia lah.."
"Family? Bukan dia dah kawen ke?"
"HAHAHAH. mana adaaaa, orang main2 je.. suka usik dia. hahaha"
"Igtkot betol~~"


oh, I dont know if any of you read n noticed kisah keberapa tah in one of my longest posts.. kisah kedua kot... the one about one guy n one girl which then turned out to be herself (hahaha, sori, sori) (but erased sebab beliau malu).. oh well, she's in her happy phase sekarang..
moga tak ke laut la ye, kawan :D

Cuti nak buat apa.
Ceh. masa bz macam2 je rasa nk buat.
Bila dah free, xtau nk buat apa.


post ni x bawak kebaikan kepada ummat.
what am i doing...

rajin tu, tengok lah video ni. moga bermanfaat.
Approaching God with our hearts
No fear nor grief for whom He guides
His rope is strong and will never waver
His provision is there for all who are in need

In every place, at every time
Above you is The Glorious Caretaking Lord
In every place, at every time
You have a Lord who loves you and will never forget you

Do we know our Lord?
Do we see our Lord's blessings?
Do we know our Lord?
Do we thank Him... or have we forgotten..
that His servants... we are

In His Dominion we exist for as long as He wills
And we call upon His bounty through prayer
And seek His favors through hope
For He is our refuge when difficulty strengthens its hold

In every place, at every time
Above you is a Glorious care Taking Lord
In every place, at every time
You have a Lord who loves and will never forget you

Do we know our Lord? Do we see our Lord's blessings?
Do we know our Lord? Do we thank Him... or have we forgotten..
that His servants... we are

My heart is Allah's, My soul is Allah's
My wealth is Allah's

Alter ego.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hehs. Malu nak post kat facebook sebenarnya. Malu sgt. lol.

So there's this contest ... and im entering.. er.. just for fun.. click on this very big (pemalas nk resize) picture to go to the albums. semua org buat lawa2. malu . lagi.

and... this is mine. sangatlah kaku dan keras makhluk ni. i obviously can only think of my favourite colours to put on her. biru. hitam. lalala~ haha. though, i described her to be sangat suka membaca, suka teddy bear, ceria dengan semua orang. there you go, my alter ego. ceh. haha.
(pegang teddy bear bersebab ... malas nk lukis jari. HAHAH.)
oohh i forgot to do something to the eyesss~ kepala pun x proportion dgn badan~ hahaha.

this is what ive been doing starting 9am tadi..(hari ni sambutan hari guru kat sekolah tapi x pergi sebab Nabilah Sahaumi cakap dia xjadi pergi. maka saya juga tidak pergi. oh. terasa rugi.) about 3 hours ago.

havent been drawing this kind of things sejak masuk cfs. tangan pun dah keras. cubaan melembutkan tangan balik.

i dont know. just submitted, baru je.. n if this drawing is put into their album, er, kalo rasa nk like kan, like lah. xmau like, xpe lah. im not gonna share it on my wall. malu. ikut requirement kena post kat wall. . . . . . . . hopefully it wont be anywhere in the newsfeed~ hahaha.

p/s: susah btol carik scholarship for architecture. tau la kami nk guna byk duit, u wudnt want to give.. :|

comel. :D

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

i just find this comel, tahu tak?
so comel that though sorang kat US sorang kat Malaysia,
they both send request at the same time~
though we don't really talk to each other every day,
havent met anis for more than 10years now,
managed to meet tk in 2009 but it was a short meeting..
but i like the fact that we still keep in contact.

hihi. mcm ni la bila jadi org sentimental.
i can adapt to new places very well, i think,
without forgetting the old ones.

i treasure, appreciate, everything that happen.
never regret choosing uia over that other option..

dkt cfs ni, byk kali sebenarnya selisih dengan classmate darjah 1, schoolmates
tapi xtegur cuz they are guys and i seriously don't think they wud remember me. hahah.

i can even know people from photos they are tagged in...
okay, that's kinda scary eh? lol.

tg mira said "saya rasa chaje mempunyai skil mengecam orang dengan sangat baik"
;P now that's got to do with something else, eh?

oh what am i rambling.
till then, assalamualaikum.

To be missed.. part 1. :P

Friday, May 18, 2012

Assalamualaikum. Just a (long) post for reminiscing.
As usual, this kind of post is meant for myself to actually read and reread it.. :P

- Back in room 129, mahallah khadijah. As expected, Naadhirah and Izni were already there, but we had one surprise - new roommate.
She took my bed since she arrived earlier than me..
so at first i was like, "what....?" ahha. :P
- Went to Melawati to get some stuff for GC2.
- Went to Wani's to get my drawing stuff that I left there when semester one ended.
Oh yeah, i lost my key, the same day i got it. hehe.

Banyak keluar gi beli barang je kot?
sat for muet. No preparation . AT ALL. I CANT BELIEVE IT. IT'S A NATIONAL EXAM, AND WE DIDNT CARE TO PREPARE, ANY SINGLE THING. cuz we're cool liddat. hahahaha. nk masuk hall pun fikir pasal project 2. hahaha.
result pun memang ELOK sgt lah~~~~ worst performance for an exam, ever.

- Abah came to KL , work stuff. Got a new phone. My phone was broken and I was in need of a functional phone, especially the alarm, it needs to be functioning. must. only asked for a decent one, but I got something more. hadiah kecemerlangan, kata mak. haih. memang mencabar bila mak ckp mcm tu. hahah. sejak hari tu roommate mmg asyik ajuk "3310 sangat la kan, syaza..." haha

-Ikut yan balik penang. It was exam week, but since we got no paper left after computer 1, asked Zaty to come along. Seludup balik. Sorok dlm kete la apa lah. Nak keluar ikut masjid sekali pintu kunci kat tmpt pompuan. pakgad jaga entrance laki -.- .. arrived home safely, though. :D

- Mak ikut abah atas urusan kerja. So they came and visited me :D Birthday naadhirah the next day, but i was busy with my studio work. Left KFC, doughnuts, things that my parents bought in the room, with a birthday note for her.. and off i go to the studio~ sorry naadhirah xdpt sambut sekali. esoknya ada submission...

- Satu famili datang KL .. hehe. masa ni mmg asyik jumpa famili je lah. Ada anak kawan mak n abah kawin, mcm reunion dorg lah~ tido kat hotel jap, but i brought the stuffs and finished doing my project 3 workbook there~ work is whenever, wherever.

- Gi rumah Ayu dengan Qila.
Ada makan2. haha, seronok loyar buruk ngan atok n pakcik ayu. lol. :P

- Watched Battle of Nasyidians. Was awe-struck by the InsyaAllah performance and the last performance.

3rd - Bday apiq. nak skype tapi tengah ada kelas ED, literature study on projek 4. . .
- Adik menang bercerita kisah nabi.

4th - Adik jadi atok to his kittens.

Starting 2nd April
Festival by the IDEA society (persatuan archi n env design)

Froze dekat tangga ZC dengan ayu n qila as an effort to support the flash mob. . .hik3.
Photoshoot dengan kawan2..spot me, spot me! :D
First time makan ape nama tu.. takoyaki~ won't be my last.

7. Mahabbah day!! Mula2 semua terpaksa g sebab dah janji ngan bro utk g (sbb kalo gi, submission utk gc extend...semua penat sbb g masjid negara utk sketch task..) but it was fun indeed. thank you for the memories, thank you. rumah merah! most high-spirited team! lol. participated in 'printer rosak'..

then went to Wendy's dengan Mira Badr, Mira Jo, Qila, Ayu, Aa, Shazmiera.. Dah lama mira jo ajak sekali, tp baru hari tu dpt g sama2. :)
Before mahabbah day tu, dpat la tolong2 roommate n committee yg lain in wrapping the prizes and all that. dapat la tulis2 kat mug.. haha.. dpt la contribute something.. asyik mengadap projek je..

Doorgift by Dr. Ros~ and Mdm Ju, was it?
There was a cupcake inside, i plan to print all the photos ive taken,
in a size that can fit into the box, and put everything there :)

Mira won three awards.
Mabruk alaik, tengku amirah tengku johari.
Semoga dalam keberkatan Allah.
*xboleh nk upload muka bangga awk. hahaha :P

Aa said sejak malam tu mira got more n more popular. bahaha.
ye lah before this org just kenal "Tengku Amirah - The legend of the legend"
without actually knowing which one she is~

more photoshoot session. the committee made a job well done in decorating the hall.
it was a chaos at first bila this year punya AGD was not gonna be at any hotels~
but things went smoothly, though, alhamdulillah.
memory to treasure, indeed.

had a blast, table no 15. was fun, was fun. indeed.
Aa, Ayu, Qila, Shazmiera, Afiqah Anuar, Aishah Naqiah, Mira..
helped qila shop for a baby blue pashmina, mission accomplised.
Thanks, eh, THANK YOU ;')

Earthquake. Didnt get to feel. Aa n Zaty were at level 5.. 2 kali announcement kena berkumpul kat bawah~

- Scaling secara berjemaah! HAHAH. Mira ajak scaling ramai2 tapi selalunya xjadi. pastu bila ramai org jadi, dia ngantok lak. hahah. Ayu xkena apa2 langsung. Zaty received scaling, Aa n I dont need to do scaling but ada tampal somewhere. I didnt get to eat for 24hours~

- Zaty terpotong jari masa buat mock up final project kalau x silap, or was it the real one already? Kak Roziana teman g PPUM .. it was 3 ke 4 pagi masa tu.. it was a whole lot of blood, no kid. bertakung.

16. Keadaan bilik sangat tegang. It was my turn on the cycle to get tensed.
Out of something that.. ahh, forget about it.

My Birthday :))
I cant believe terjatuh jugak air mata keterharuan~ hahaha. Tengah sibuk memotong board nk buat final projek tetiba dorg tutup lampu studio.. pastu masuk studio bawak kek dengan lilin apa sume. yg xbleh blah nye they didnt even see me pastu nyanyi pandang org x ketahuan~ hahahah. thank u, guys.
Terus letak kek atas cutting mat , tu yg cannot go...

Gambar beredit2 gini memang xlain xbukan kerja roommatekuh, naadhirah ismail.

Pressie from Kateah Middletonah.. :) Oso got one from Wani.. :)

- Submission of ED final project :)))

Submission, GC2 final project. Prepared a surprise for Ayu's birthday. the prank didnt work out, though. everyone was too tired. hahaha.

Followed ayu to her house in Sg Buloh with Aa, Mira, Shazmiera..had good times. Though, ktorg sgt bising.. Learned how to play the keyboard (cara sendiri- masking tape, drawing pen n all. hahaha). Played Grenade and Mirae. Ayu played 1000years~

5. Hafi's bday!
Went for Pesta Buku. Woot, something big happened on this date! Keyword : Mira, Ring. hahahah :D

8,9 .. Redoing things , touch ups and all that for Portfolio Day..

Redoing the first project. My original was horrific.

Roommate semua dah balik. Semua 2 year program.. Tinggal sorang-sorang dalam bilik.

10 - Pagi2 betul2 lepas subuh gerak g ABC nk set up tempat for portfolio. plannya nk g satu trip kol 4 pagi tapi x boleh masuk dah sebab tu mahallah lelaki, not open for public dah kot. so 2 trip lah pagi tu. memang sgt bersyukur kalau ada kereta masa tu. tapi apakan daya, usung je la sume 2 trip gi display kerja.. Orang lain malam tu lagi dah letak, tapi since i havent finished redoing and malu nk letak sebab semua org hebat2, tangguh sampai pagi. nk jadi antara yg last letak n antara yg first amek balik. hahaha
Breakfast kat Ali B pagi tu. oh, Aaminah Faiz missing in action ye pagi tu. -.-

Touch up GC2 pulak for the next day - another portfolio day.
Seriously they shud at least bagi jarak satu hari untuk portfolio day. penat kot lepas habis satu, straight lagi satu.. energy drainage..

11 - portfolio day. yg ni lagi rasa inferior. malu nk tampal. . . anyway went to Gombak dgn ayu, aa n zaty.. nk tgk QS week. round satu kaed tengok studio pe sume. singgah kafe minum, makan.
oh, dua org foreigner approach tanya jalan nk g uia. sembang2 sket.. mls la nk ckp, muka pan asia lah kata. hahahahaha.:P jk.
balik utk cabut balik semua benda yg ditampal . kecoh dgn result GC2. ada turun dua gred lah, ada miraculously naik gred lah, oh well, that's architecture for you.

setel semua. masa utk balik tido sepuas2nya sebelum external portfolio day.
Weekend tu buat midnight movie - Kung Fu Dunk.. lps kemas2 studio level 3..

14. External portfolio day. Ayu bawak kereta so setting up was a lot easier. thank you, ayu..
tolong mira set up her display area..

ramai org terkejut bila ckp im not in that studio.. (studio asing ikut apa nk amek for streamlining. . .) it's kinda awkward being in AAD studio sbb xkenal sgt semua org, tp masa kat studio Archi, mcm "hi!" "oh hey!" mcm, saling kenal lah. oh well, i've made my decision, let's just pray for the best . .
Aa felt the same too. Aishah naqiah too, in her Landscape Archi studio..

Breakfast kat Ali B dengan mira n ayu. cuak kalo kena panggil, interview.. end up xkena pun . :D
alhamdulillah everything went well..
tamat. hidup. asasi. (Ada lagi yg berlaku.. kalau rajin, akan diselit2 lagi..)

next part : blog on le friends~ :P


Friday, May 11, 2012

Alhamdulillah. Tsummalhamdulillah.

InsyaAllah, semuanya dah selesai. Tinggal satu je lagi hari penting - External Portfolio Day, where otai2 kat KAED Gombak turun padang and assess us for streamlining.

Environmental Design
Portfolio Day

Alhamdulillah, this is unofficial but I got A- for my ED. . . though, Bro Samsul said I am downgraded for GC2. Was cool at first cuz I know my colouring sucks and I don't feel like I deserve the grades that I already attained. But when Bro said it was because of the lack of redoing for my technical exercises, that, struck me for a sec. I redo things, tp yg B+ ke bawah je. Dpt A and A- for most of my technical drawing so I don't feel the need to redo things.

Graphic Communication 2
Portfolio Day 11/5/2012

Ayu was there to back me up..
"Saya rasa dia redo lagi banyak dari saya , bro.."
"Label tak yg mana redo?"
"Label, bro.. siap besar-besar lagi dia letak.."
"xpelah, benda dah lepas, kita lupakan .. "

Anyway, biarlah lecturers terlepas pandang ke apa, insyaAllah this is from Allah and we know Allah is All-knowing, Allah knows what is best.

Ramai jugak yg taken aback when I said I'm not gonna do Architecture in Gombak.. I'm applying for Applied Arts & Design instead. Hehs. Masa berkira-kira nak terima tawaran AED kat UIA, memang xterasa pun nk go for pure architecture... so the choice wasnt made after being introduced to the life of an architecture student. It was made long before. . . rileks owh, whatever course we're taking, let's go for the knowledge. I don't mind nk tercampak ke mana, believe in Allah's plan. keep praying, stay in faith.

CFS IIUM has taught me a lot. wonderful friends and lecturers. have room mates that are very understanding. Ujian ada je bila-bila, tapi we are tested for reasons..

Lepas ni masing2 akan ke degree masing2. Goodbye. and thanks for the memories :)

I will miss room 129.
Studio Level 3 Mahallah Khadijah.
and you guys, especially.
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