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#TeamKhemah by @AisyahShakirah (update2)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Assalamualaikum. So our young muslimah vlogger and iluvislam cartoonist, Aisyah Shakirah came up with this Khemah Theory which is accepted dearly by other young muslimat! some are even inspired to wear tudung labuh, alhamdulillah.
For those of you who do not know, you may want to check her vlog "Yes, We Wear Head Tents"

Someone, nama Adibah kalau xsilap, created a group called #TeamKhemah on facebook and so basically people are sharing pasal aurat, peribadi muslimah semua tu la kan. So I shared my button design utk souq arabiy hari tu (2010) since it got something to do with muslimah and modesty. Somehow people thought it was for the group and went "nak!!" "nak beli!" "bila nk jual?" and I was like, waaa i didnt mean to promote the button badges! they're all sold out.. so i felt guilty and said, i can try and design one (or more perhaps) for the group since i got some free time right now.

Lepas bincang2 sikit dengan aisyah semalam, this is the result :
It is a very simple and quick one. oh ! n masa buat ni, I just discovered a new function (lama je function ni, baru tahu guna sbb terklik. hahah)
It may or may not be final, though. And maybe if i got some other ideas , more designs are to come, insyaAllah. but so far, alhamdulillah orang boleh terima. i was so nervous to know their reactions tahu tak. i mean, suka2 hati je tawar nk tolong design. ahaha.

I wanted to do doodle version as well, but I believe Aisyah is having something in her mind, so tgh tgu lah.. and rasanya kalau guna doodle Aisyah it'll have that signature worth as people know her for her doodles as well.. :D

InsyaAllah, may everything go well and let's spread the love :)

Tujuan blog ni sebenarnya nk bgtahu, nak credit, yg the vector graphic is adapted from a pashmina-wearing mannequin taken from fadzbiz.com :D THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR GRANTING UR PERMISSION !! :D Do check out their website for some beautiful tudungs. :D

may #TeamKhemah be our own reminder to guard our hearts and actions,
not for us to feel superior to or condemn those who are /not yet/ in..:)

Design 2 :

I made this yesterday.

this one, is Aisyah's doodle and I just did the editing. :)

These designs aren't final, Aisyah posted them dkt grup, pastu kalau ada komen apa2 I fix it.
Button badge project ni, xde perancangan apa pun sebenarnya. Masih dalam design phase. X habis survey lagi nk buat dkt kdai mana apa semua, cash on delivery ke, boleh pos ke, harga etc. :D

If you want to share them, I don't mind, may the message in it spread (that's the most important thing) but being a designer (ceh) I would really appreciate if you can tell me, I like to read what people say about my design, in a way that I can improve lahh.. :)

Till then.

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