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Penang Heritage Evaluation hahah

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

(I wrote WHAT I SENT TO MY LECTURERS FOR SELF-EVALUATION in this blog as a draft using my phone, sebab senang nak copy paste ke pc nnt. hahah, only published today (2017))

I was the head secretary, assisted by three other, Alisya, Nabilah and Aaminah. Main thing done was basically everything needed to be prepared before the trip and for future projection on site.
I’ve prepared all of the booking letters and inform letters to sites for other bureaus to take action later on. The Programme Coordinators worked together to prepare the itinerary at the sites. Transportation, Safety and Welfare, Prep Tech team did a great job in securing the bus, first aid, and technical items booking. They were very fast and efficient and always keep me updated. Multimedia and Pub Pro too in the design of the t-shirt and banners and Special Task in managing the LIDV status, the checklist of items to be brought and what not.

Aaminah helped me a lot throughout preparing each and every proposal after every change. Full proposals comprise of all countries that are Chandigarh, Osaka, Jepara, Semarang, Medan, Ho Chi Minh City and Penang Island. We contacted friends and family from those mentioned sites. When Penang was confirmed, Aaminah and I fine-tuned the proposal until it was finally approved. Alisya and Nabilah were the ones handling the public relation aspects. While Aaminah and I confirmed the suitable places we could go for our visit, they were the ones calling the sites for confirmation and permission as well as making reservations where needed.

I had to keep in touch with everyone as everything else involves the proposal. Since the budget is a crucial aspect in the determining a certain destination and visiting places, the treasurer, Nada, was highly participative in the preparation as well.

Sales had been doing excellently in the Nasi Lemak Project during Convest ’13, the Broga trip, the Button Badge Project and participation in art festivals to sell our items, to name a few. The establishment of Facebook and Instagram pages of ‘Project Artsigno’ is a success.

Sponsorship, however, could not go far since the proposals were constantly being rejected and no one dared enough to continue with the request without proper confirmation letter from the dean. However, we later then found out other departments requested sponsorships without waiting for their proposals to be approved and just used their PM signature and it was enough.

Food and Catering took some of us to buy food, mineral water and snacks as they needed advice from secretary and treasurer.
Meeting minutes were done by me and Aaminah.

On trip
It was a fairly stressful week for the secretaries due to last-minute change of plans. We didn’t even switch the TV on if I were to mention. Reservations had been made, we’ve already dealt with other people and others simply asked to shift the schedule just to suit their preferences. This is other people’s time we’re dealing with. It was months prior to visit and any one night change of the whole scheduling is deemed selfish and inconsiderate. Even the laundry being made into a hassle in the morning itinerary was a disaster. It results in people at the camera museum had to wait for some of us settling the laundry and even to the extent of we had to take public transport for a prompt meet up with Penang State Museum manager, En Mahdi to get technical drawings.

Food and Catering team was quick. I advised them the budget as pronounced by Nada and they managed to secure not only affordable but a good caterer who was very punctual and was so nice to attend to our never ending requests of change due to certain people not fancying the food prepared.  
Meeting minutes were done by Nabilah.

As for the ID jobscope, I was in the site inventory team and ceiling team with Hafiz, Dyg., Adlyn and Haneesah. We did measurements and quick sketches for all of the sites went. I hope the lecturers could participate more in the data finding and not simply urge us to do everything quickly and go all fussy about being stuck in the traffic jam or whine of not having anything to do and go all tired waiting.  If the lecturers don’t feel like participating, we could use a help of their patience not to rush everything. 

Yes we’ve looked at the buildings on the internet earlier and chose which section to work with, but it’s a different thing once we’re there. Any changes on the building are not to be taken lightly. Even more, each majoring had a different job scope. We needed more time to observe, feel and do our prescribed job. I believe our rooms could wait.
Documentation of data collected was under Lis, the head of ID majoring.

There was a swap in the organization chart. All heads except for the treasurer, swap their position with their assistants. I became Alisya’s assistant. Aaminah and Nabilah were dragged as the Public Relation team together with Haryati.  

The first thing asked to be done was the Table of Content. Alisya being the head, took the responsibility for the task. We were almost done with the report write up in APA format when suddenly there was a change of layout. We were insisted to come up with a book template, and I was the one being told to do so, later on being in-charge of the publication of our write up being the head editor. Nada, Nabilah and Ikhwan did a lot in managing the format having a hard time to cater to and edit everyone’s submission. Aaminah and Aqilah too, being the ones checking the content and grammar-wise of the content.

I was at the same time in the concept team. The first two months we were trying to configure a few concepts and layout. Then came the big amount of posters of which we were scared of how all mixed up every poster would look like when put side by side. This is where the concept team then diverged into another team of Aaminah, Hafiz and I doing the combined poster composition. 

It was an uphill task when some of the contents of the posters were not even thoroughly checked especially on the plagiarism and grammar. We had to read, summarise and edit the whole thing to ensure the contents can be read as smooth as possible.

Been busy with the poster combination, all three of us too were in other team. We were in model making team and props team for the exhibition. We managed to get some parts of the technical drawing of Masjid Kapitan Kling modelled in sketchup, cleaned in AutoCAD and accompanied Syima for laser cutting. Model making

As for the book. It is fair to say that this is one of the much unprepared task for the students. If we were originally expected to publish a book, a decent publication house should already been determined before we even started with the layout and all. At the end of the day it turns out we are not publishing books for everyone to keep, but only printing a single copy of the book. Sad. This book involves a lot of sweat, money and tears, I suppose. Beyond words. Only those few people involved and worked their best in this understand how hard it was.

Everyone had their part and struggle. Alhamdulillah ‘ala kulli hal. Everything, almost everything is all done. Thank you.


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