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See you again.

Monday, June 1, 2015

IG: June 4, 2015.
Baring atas air, biar dihanyut segala resah. 

"One way at a time, I'll try to lend these broken hands of mine."

Promises made to self,
to always give you a piggyback ride when your feet are tired to walk down, and up this road we're taking.
to make sure we'll make it to the finish line together and enjoy the victory to be stories told and reminisced down the memory lane soon.
to make sure you don't feel worn out,
to make sure I will be there to catch when you stumble.
well at least, while I'm still here, while I'm still around you.

Guess sometimes you really just have to sacrifice your vista to not block others from enjoying it as well. They have their views too. Guess I didn't realise how suffocating I'm being to people around me.

I'm taking the one less travelled, alone this time,
I guess it's time to meet new souls along the way and I should believe things will be fine.
I believe in you and you should always too.

I guess the promises end, now. Sooner than I thought.
Go fly, and spread your wings.
Flap gracefully,
Sore high, and fly.

I know I won't always be there to support and get your back pronto, the time will come where we'll go our separate ways. Hence the promises are at least I thought to be fulfilled while I'm here.

Tahu, ada masanya nanti I'll disappear, either selama-lamanya or masing-masing dah dalam dunia sendiri, with our own little family ke apa. I guess I should know you're ready for this. I believe you are.

I'll be there still, begini atau begitu. Essence-nya saya masih di sini.

To those souls I have been treasuring, to those beautiful hearts, thank you.

If you ever feel like giving up, don't.
Remember how you often feel like you can't make it but you'll always end up glorious, anyway?
Remember when people thought you won't make it but Allah sent angels from above and ease everything making the impossible, possible?

To those souls I have hurt, to those hearts I have messed with, sorry.

Help me by remembering only the good, if there is any.
Forget all the bad, I know there are so many.

Be well, ya?
Be eased.
Be loved.

See you when I see you.

*blog post versi habis semester nak balik rumah*

UPDATE 2017: A draft I kept since 2015.

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