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Selepas graduasi nanti.

Monday, November 30, 2015

IG: November 20, 2015

Hello from level 80. ^^
Walaupun duk rasa "Alah setakat naik elevator tekan butang apalah sangat."
It felt like a privilege.. sebab kali ni bukan kita yang sedia kertas kerja nak hadap protokol ke apa.

IG: November 20, 2015

"I like this meeting room. It's so small yet we're actually here inside a tower known to the world. We should be like that too. Be a towering personality, but stay humble and approachable."

The other day, I attended this one workshop for post-graduation.
Honestly, I am not the type to go for this kind of stuff. I couldn't care less. I even dropped my Leadership class after my first day of class and registered for debating niche instead.
For one reason: I did not like it when we were forced to answer a quiz -

"There was a race to climb a very talll coconut tree, between a monkey, a chimpanzee, and an orang utan.. Who do you think would get the most amount of bananas within the shortest period of time?"
I refused to answer it. "Why would there be bananas on a coconut tree?"
The coordinator went "Just answer it. Alah, you're not a fun person. Just answer it for the sake of participating."
Eksekiiuusss me. This, is not my definition of fun. I have heard of this masa zaman sekolah dlu, I laughed back then because I fell into it. I am being rationale now. I don't quite remember if I ended up jawab ke tak tah but I didn't like the feeling lah. I think I did, just to 'participate'... And when the answer is revealed
"You guys obviously are stressing over something and weren't being attentive. There's no bananas.. They're climbing a coconut tree!!"
Everyone laughed. DUUUUUHHH.
Hahaha i sound like someone who needs a "Why so serious" slap hah. Pft.

Annnyyyway. Back to the workshop I had to attend.

Had to bring our resume and since I have two versions, one specially designed for design-related job seeking, and one basic format.. I was hm.. Noticed?

The workshop is meant to help us secure first, interview(s) and later, job(s).

"Do this" "Don't do that."
Semua benda ada je ABC nya, ada je 123 nya.
I questioned everything. "Really?" "Seriously?" "Do we have to?"
And yea I went "An honest question: These are the basic do's and don't's.. I was wondering, if everyone did the same, whatever happens to individuality? How are we standing out?"
Expected answer, "Be memorable but don't end up looking like a fool." How, exactly? Indefinite.
That's just it. It depends on the company and the nature of work we're applying for as well.

"But don't be too outstanding. Most employers find this kind of people as rebels, and rebels will bring nothing but problems. Often, they can't work well with others."


Cari kerja dah macam cari jodoh pula. We are unconsciously trying so hard grooming ourselves to be accepted, only to find whose devil plays well with ours. At the end of the day I believe it is all back to the question of, rezeki.
If it's meant to be it's meant to be.

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