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So chill

Saturday, December 26, 2015

That feeling when you realised gelang makin longgar, baju, kain even yang was once tailor-made kena tambah pin extra sebab dah menggelebeh... Dan tak rasa senyuman berlemak..

And you can climb the stairs sampai tingkat 5 hari-hari without panting too heavily like you used to, and that you don't mind walking from mahallah to kulliyyah.

and when those who haven't met you for a while asked "Is everything okay?" "Stress ke belajar?" sbb terkejut tgk lain... "Eh. Dah susut. Nampak lain." (But people who have never seen me at my heaviest would definitely go "Huh? Celoh mana kurusnya...?")

And when people around actually starting to notice.

Thennnnn come your brothers.


Walaupun kadang-kadang rasa fed up bila orang, makcik2 tah dari mana pandang kita mcm alahai dia ni tak reti jaga makan ke, mesti pemalas ni, gemuknya lah, takde sape nak ni nanti, tak teringin nak kurus ke and what not...

I've lost almost 30kg. I shall work for more but I'm not doing it for you. So chill.


By the way, I've heard people said,  something like, don't say you're losing weight because we'd normally hope to find back what we've lost. I definitely not want to regain those lost kilos. So yeah, I have not lost 30kg, I have gotten rid of 30kg.
There. aha


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