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From the other platform

Monday, November 28, 2016

IG: NOVEMBER 24, 2016.

What insta-audience reads:


In that every meeting
We were only exchanging smiles, 
from the other platform.
Each then parted
to different destinations.
Some routes cross still,
Others diverge -- further as we go.

If we were to meet once more
Would then be, a terminal stop?
Or just another station,
With only fading memories 
Of me -- waving
Silently shouting
from the other platform?

What I really wrote haha:

We were once strangers,
Clicked the instance we met.
Then time passes by,
To different lines we parted.
Yes some routes crossed still,
Every once in a while,
But sometimes diverged, further as we go.

If we meet once more,
Would it be, at a final stop,
Heading the same way home?
Or would it be at, just another station --
Again exchanging smiles,
from the other platform?

If we meet once more,
[Would there still be chances
Or only faded memories?]
Would you just remember the 'me you knew',
Or just the 'me you saw waving',
from the other platform?

And perhaps
If we meet once more,
Would you still prefer a -- me?
Oh silly me,
Have you ever, though?

I know I would.
The spark was there,
Way back then.
I felt it, someone sensed it
But I denied
Well hello, it came back.
Or maybe all along
It never left.

You made me feel like it was right
But I'm afraid to be wrong again.

Then again.
[Will there still,
Be chances
Of me and you?
Or shall it remain
Faded memories
Of me and you?]
And I said:
"Ha. Stalk, stalk lah sampai jatuh hati lagi. Nanti patah hati (lagi), padan muka."

Taktahulah sebenarnya rasa apa. Kadang jatuh hati kadang sedar sendiri. Siapalah kita, just another friend dari kawan yang berjuta.
Selamatlah, masing-masing menjalani kehidupan.
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