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31 Yuli 2017

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

My 2015 birthday outing. 

Ayu's 2015 birthday outing

Qila's 2017 birthday outing?

2015. I remember masa ni we (esp Miah) were so intrigued tengok orang main dkt arcade ahah

(Aimi came with Angah and little Hafiyyy, had to leave earlier)

Aimi, Qila and  Ayu just finished their final submission for the semester. Masing-masing sekarang housemates and studio-mates doing their Masters dkt UiTM. Miah just got back from the UK, obtained her Masters from LJMU, alhamdulillah. I, incidentally had to be in KL once again for another TFM screening.

While I'm currently running away from most other people, ziz lavlehss, ziz, can't miss the chance berjumpa. Walaupun memang penat UKCG, but man, who am I kidding, this is one of my charging docks!

Secara praktikalnya, depa nilah teman sebilik, teman setidur, I mean teman tak tidur, started way back since CFS. And all of them taking Architecture after foundation while I went for arts and design, means they graduated their Part 1 one year earlier than I did my degree. I have to admit, from my previous posts, indeed my final year was the...loneliest. I felt the loss. They came for my birthday, yes, occasionally checking up on me but blergh, memang tak sama lah.

Catching up berjam-jam lamanya melepet dan (almost) non-stop tambah air dan dipping sauces.. sampailah Along call, tiba masanya untuk pulang ke Penang..

Terima kasih. Moga masing-masing berjaya dalam jalan yang dipilih. Until we meet again.

Other people may have only seen the groomed ready-to-face-the-world version, but I can tell you these lovelies have seen the vulnerable behind-the-scene version of me, of one another. Yang mamainya, yang mengigaunya, yang tiba-tiba menangis dekat tangganya, yang makan tidur tak terurusnya, hal-hal laundrynya ahhaha, momen yang tak lalu makannya, yang terlebih-lebih makannya, yang taknak bangunnya, yang tak boleh tidurnya, yang malas mandi atau terlebih rajin mandinya lol macam-macamlah.

My studio-mates have only known about the convocation awards on that day itself, while these people knew it months earlier. They weren't there to celebrate physically but their encouragement really lifted me up.

Jadi, tipulah kalau tak terkesan menghabiskan baki setahun tanpa these familiar faces.


"I'm so glad I got to meet you today."
"So glad to meet you too."

"Don't feel down to be the best! That's what you are destined to do and don't let other people drag you down, go on at your own pace, you are an individual with aims and feelings. Do what you think is right, and just share your success and happiness without the need to hold back." TATJ, 2017.

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